How to Make Car Insurance More Affordable

Given that auto insurance is mandatory in most countries, including the UAE, the majority of drivers simply purchase a plan and keep renewing it each year without giving much thought to it. After all, simply renewing your policy every 12 months is the easiest solution. However, you may be able to decrease the cost of car insurance by up to 40% by putting in a little more effort.

Compare car insurance quotes

You should compare car insurance policies from at least 3 insurers. Thankfully, bayzat makes it easy to get multiple quotes quickly. In addition, you should get the rate for the policy renewal from your existing insurer. If the insurance companies offer multiple options, make sure you are comparing policies with similar benefits to ensure you are analyzing the options accurately.

Pay your full premium

It is a requirement from most car insurance companies in the UAE that you pay the full year’s premium up front. You may be able to pay your car insurance in quarterly installments in some cases; however, this will be more expensive.

Agency repairs are costly

Agency repairs refers to having any accident repairs take place at the car dealership’s workshop. This comes as an option for car insurance in the UAE, where you can choose whether you want agency repairs covered or not. According to, adding this benefit to your policy can increase its cost by 20% to 40%. It is one of the most significant factors in determining the insurance rate.

The type of vehicle will impact the rate

While it is common knowledge that sports cars come with higher insurance rates, there are other factors that effect the price as well. For example, SUVs can be 5% to 10% more expensive to cover. Adding options such as coverage for off-roading damage can easily increase the rate by 25%. The size of the engine is another factor to consider. The difference in the insurance rate for a 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder vehicle can be more than 4%.

You should always carry out a cost-benefit analysis before choosing any type of insurance; using platforms such as bayzat, this should no longer be considered a time consuming process.

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