Mistakes Made While Shopping Online

For many people, shopping online has become the major channel for purchasing items and services. With so many e-commerce sites, you can sit at home and take advantage of the latest deals and discounts for almost anything. Unfortunately, the lack of effort required to shop online makes it easy to waste money. We take a look at a few common mistakes made by online shoppers.

Buying Because of a “Sale”

It’s an age old tale that whenever humans see the word sale, they immediately assume they are getting a good deal. As we continually sign up for different services and mailing lists, our inboxes become cluttered with different email promotions all with the word “Sale” in them. Do not get sucked into shopping just because of this word. Consumers are more apt to buy things that they do not need just because they think they are getting a bargain. Be mindful of this the next time you are shopping.

Spending More for Free Shipping

There is no doubt that free shipping is a nice benefit to have, especially since shipping costs to the UAE can be quite high. But make no mistake that spending more to get free shipping is usually a big mistake. Companies typically set a limit such as AED 500 in order to avail the free shipping option. Sometimes an order may only reach AED 250. Do not look around for other items just to reach the AED 500 threshold. Instead, try shopping at another site to see if their offer is different or if they provide cheaper shipping.

Failing to Review Return Policies

Even though online shopping is very convenient, returning an item can be a very big hassle. Certain online sites do offer attractive return policies, but others charge for returns. In these cases, the consumer might decide to keep the item instead of shelling out the cash to return it. This is especially important when shopping for clothing, as you can never be sure of the fit beforehand.

Not Searching for Promo Codes

Once you have decided on the item you want to purchase, do a quick search for discount codes. You may find a special offer from the merchant you want to make a purchase from, or from one of their competitors.

Not Choosing Cash on Delivery or Credit Card

Using your debit card to make an online purchase can be a huge mistake. A data breach or fraud will give hackers access to your bank account where they can make unauthorized transactions. On the other hand, using your credit card means any fraudulent transactions can not exceed your credit limit. More importantly, credit cards are more secure and offer better consumer protection as your provider will reverse the charges in many cases.

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