Safe Driver Discounts for Car Insurance is Here

Car insurance in Dubai could get a little cheaper now that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a new service to disclose a driver’s history. A previous initiative was launched in 2010 to introduce safe driver discounts, but this time around, the service has become a reality.

The RTA initiative will disclose the history of a driver’s behavior and driving pattern. It can be beneficial for drivers who have a clean record to obtain this certificate and present it to the insurance company when applying for car insurance to qualify for a safe driver discount. In addition, employers can utilize this service to check a driver’s history before they make a hiring decision. Ahmad Hashem Bahroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency said this about the subject, “This is a good service for an employer who is looking to hire a driver. He can check the applicant’s driving habits by applying for the history certificates which will show the number of fines and black points a person has received over a period of time. The information will help find out how safe a particular driver is.” The certificate will also be useful for those leaving Dubai, who may require such a document when seeking a driver’s license transfer in other countries.

According to the RTA’s website, the Driver’s Experience History Certificate will cost AED 60 and can be obtained at an RTA Service Center. The requirements are a passport copy, color photograph and payment of all outstanding traffic fines. The experience certificate is valid for 2 months from the issuance date and the driver is not required to be personally present to obtain one.

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