5 signs you’re ready for a Human Resource Management System

Struggling to juggle all your HR duties? It might be time for you to automate.

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Tired? Ready to burn employee documents, or tear your hair out the next time someone asks you about your benefits scheme? If you or someone you know suffers from the following, it might be time to automate.

You’re multi-slacking

There’s decreased productivity all around. That isn’t to say that the slack is self-inflicted. If you’re doing everything in your power to stay afloat but keep getting brought down, chances are you’ve got too much on your plate to handle. In order to successfully function, HR has to juggle a myriad of sensitive data, whether that be employee records, payroll, leave management, as well as training and furthering their work culture. Automating the former will give you peace of mind, and will allocate time for you to focus on business-growing feats rather than obstinate ones.

You’ve missed a few emails

If you’re struggling with an overflowing inbox of payroll information, updated employee data, messages from the boss, and a flurry of leave requests, an HRMS will solve a lot of your problems. This is particularly true when juggling leaves management requests and approvals. It’s almost too easy to lose track of specific email trains, especially during the holiday season. There’s a high probability that you’ll double book members of the same team, forget to request managerial approval, or end up forgetting employees had even requested leave in the first place. Most HRMS like Bayzat have their own leave management system that allows you to track, plan, reject or accept requests on one dashboard. They give you a clear overview of the remaining days of leave, when each employee goes, and for how long.

You’re messing up data

How can you effectively manage your work force if you haven’t got a good summary of their productivity? How can you keep your employees happy if you muck up their pay at the end of the month? How do you keep your presentations data-driven and concise if you don’t have the time or means to farm it? At the end of the day, your KPI requires you to understand the nuances of your company, and to accurately pull together quantitative research that proves the productivity of you and your employees.

You’re worried that if your computer goes, all data goes with it

Does your heart leap into your throat every time your computer screen freezes for more than 3 seconds? Chances are, the reason for your distress is that there is a bounty of information you need locked away in your memory. You know how to relieve that kind of stress? Put it on a cloud-based HRMS and store it there. That way, regardless of the state of your computer, you can always retrieve it.

You’re growing faster than you can track

Want to know who the shining stars are, who needs training, or have year-on-year data on hand to make an analysis of best productivity weeks and months? When you grow into an SME that becomes harder and harder to gauge with certainty. With a HRMS, it becomes another automated feature.

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