Announcing Bayzat for Health Insurance!

It’s here! bayzat has  launched the first real-time health insurance comparison platform in the UAE.

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It’s here! bayzat has launched the first real-time health insurance comparison platform in the UAE. Coinciding with ISAHD, Dubai’s new health insurance law, bayzat can help consumers better understand the different products and policies that leading health insurance providers offer here in the UAE.

Talal Bayaa, CEO of bayzat, commented on the new law and his company’s new application, saying, “This is a great initiative to improve the healthcare industry of Dubai and bayzat supports it all the way. We have the platform to do comparison searches and thought it would be great if we can provide a service for companies and individuals to compare and select the best solutions for their respective health insurance needs. This is a mandatory law and our application will be a one-stop shop for the entire process, regardless of how big or small the requirements.”

bayzat’s health insurance solution, which is completely free, allows you to search for health insurance plans based on specific benefits, coverage in other countries or even by selecting which hospital or clinic you want included in the medical network. After entering your date of birth and gender, the search engine pulls up all of the matching plans in a table along with information such as the premium, deductible and network coverage in addition to other information.

Clicking on the show more option under the network coverage column will bring up the address book. This conveniently lists all of the hospitals, clinics, labs and pharmacies that are covered by that specific plan. You can browse through them or search for a specific name. bayzat has actually aggregated every hospital, clinic, lab and pharmacy associated with each individual health insurance plan!

In addition, you can get personalized suggestions by answering just five questions in the health insurance wizard. Based on the responses, the platform will then show tailored results that best meet your requirements.

You can also take advantage of the easy to use comparison tool to compare health insurance offerings in detail.

Finally, you can apply even apply for a health insurance plan through bayzat, and our insurance partner will be in touch with you immediately to help make your purchase hassle-free.

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