Back to reality…how to beat the post-holiday blues

Employee Management

Last Updated on September 7, 2022 by user

This week sees the beginning of the end of summer in the UAE. Schools are back, holidays are over and SMEs in the region are gearing up to smash Q4. 

While the break has been great and employees have enjoyed recharging and spending quality time with friends and family, it can be challenging to retain your state of zen when you return to work and are flooded with emails and tasks that feel overwhelming. Don’t fret, at Bayzat we’ve got your back to make sure returning to reality isn’t such a shock to the system. We’ve put together a priceless list of tips to battle your inbox and prolong that chilled vibe.

1. Give yourself extra time on your autoresponder

First things first, ensure you have a clear autoresponder set up so people know to expect a delay from you. We advise setting it up a day early, and giving yourself an extra day on return so you can get through everything in peace before it all kicks off again. 

2. Block your calendar

Give yourself at least a morning free on return so that you can get through pending tasks and messages. With a clear inbox and head, you’ll be able to give more attention in meetings and catch-ups with your team. 

3. Respond to employee requests first

Prioritise your team, as long as there are no urgent requests from customers. Respond to annual leave requests in good time so that your employees have the peace of mind that they can make their own plans. With Bayzat’s Human Resource Management System, we make this easier for you by showing you a list of pending requests under one tab. Even better, you can address these requests directly from the Bayzat Benefits app so that they can be easily cleared. 

4. Categorise tasks 

Categorise tasks using a traffic light system so that you know which items on your list are the most crucial to get around to first. For example, if payroll processing needs to be done before a cut-off date, give this a red flag. If you are using Bayzat HR software, you can process payroll at the click of a button making it quick and easy to cross off your list. 

5. Be ruthless

Don’t be afraid to not do it all. Sometimes the amount of work upon return makes you not even want to take a break in the first place. Here is where you need to get ruthless and get rid of anything that won’t move the needle. You can use a free tool like Boomerang for Gmail to set emails to come back to you at a later date, when there’s less on your plate. 

To learn more about how Bayzat can help you automate your workflow at no cost, and give you time back for things that matter, contact us today and we will get in touch.