Bayzat Health Insurance Gets a Makeover

The bayzat team has been hard at work over the last few months working on some exciting new features for health insurance. We are excited to finally share it with residents of the UAE; from start to finish, we have created the most seamless way to find, purchase and access your medical benefits.

Easiest place to buy medical coverage

Not only can you compare and apply for insurance, you can now upload required documents and pay online as well. We spent a lot of energy focusing on every step of the process to make it as easy as possible. After using our comprehensive platform to choose the best plan and price for your needs, our insurance broker partners will issue an official quotation to you within a few hours. You’ll be notified by email, and as soon as you’re ready, you can upload the application documents to your user profile. Even better, you can simply reply to our automated email with your documents as attachments, and they will be linked to your user profile. The application is then submitted to the insurance company and we will notify you once you are approved. Again, here at bayzat, we like to make your life easier. So you can pay online via credit card, and you will receive your policy documents in the mail.

Of course, our team will be there to support you with great customer service along the way. You can get in touch with us absolutely anytime you need help or have a question.

Real-time SME insurance!

Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all other emirates can now get real-time health insurance quotes if they are looking to insure up to 10 employees. That is another first for the UAE, and as our clients have come to expect, finding and purchasing the right plan is a breeze. With bayzat health insurance, you can compare benefits from over 10 insurance companies. Not only do we show you actual prices, you can also find plans by specific benefits, such as dental coverage, and search for insurance policies by hospitals and clinics in the UAE.

Large companies can obviously still apply for health insurance; a customer service representative will get in touch with you to learn more about your budget and requirements before sharing a few options with you. Now, let’s get to our powerful new features that policyholders will have access to…

A simple and intuitive experience

We believe better medical coverage starts with technology. No matter what policy you choose, you can access our new health insurance features online anytime, anywhere. We’ve used technology and design to make accessing and understanding your plan easier. Gone are the days of scrolling through a PDF or 30-page list to find which facilities are covered. You can now access an interactive map that shows you which hospitals, clinics, labs and dentists are in your insurer’s direct billing network. Why is this important?

Hospital and clinic network

When you go outside of the hospital & clinic network, you have to pay for the treatment out of your own pocket and get reimbursed by the insurer. Going through the reimbursement process can be quite a headache:

  • The average UAE resident makes an average of 6.5 claims a year.
  • The average insurer takes 51 days to pay the claim.
  • The average claim is over AED 350 for out-patient services and over AED 11,800 for in-patient treatments.
  • You typically end up paying 20% of the treatment cost if you go outside the medical provider network.

Mind your T’s & C’s

The most complicated part of any insurance policy is understanding what exactly is covered. Most insurance companies send you an extensive handbook of terms & conditions; unfortunately, it reads more like a legal document than a consumer-friendly product. Even for an experienced insurance agent, going through the table of benefits and insurance handbook to find all the terms & conditions related to a benefit is not easy. With our new features, you can simply find a benefit and get all the relevant information in your policy. This includes:

  • What is covered
  • Where it’s covered
  • Exclusions
  • Coverage limits
  • Restrictions
  • Co-payments & deductibles
  • If you need pre-authorization

Universal search

Our most exciting feature is the universal search. If you are looking for a specific treatment, want to know if a medical condition is covered, or are searching for a nearby clinic, you can simply type in what you are looking for and we will show the relevant information in your policy.  

Search health insurance policy

Getting started is easy. Simply visit the bayzat health insurance page and start by comparing insurance plans in the UAE.

We will continue launching great new features throughout the year, so your insurance experience will only continue to get better from here onwards. 

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