Focus On Hospital Accommodation When Comparing Health Insurance

The quality of your stay at the hospital is directly related to your health insurance policy.

Last Updated on December 15, 2014 by Brian Habibi

With so many health insurance options out there, making the right choice can be difficult. When you compare health insurance in the UAE, it is crucial that you focus on the benefit, or benefits, that are most important to you. By narrowing down your priorities, making the right choice becomes much easier. Otherwise, you will find that each medical insurance policy has its strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the best option becomes confusing.

One of the most important aspects of health insurance is to protect the policyholder in case of an emergency. Given the high cost of medical facilities in the UAE, hospital accommodation should be on your list of priorities when comparing different policies. If you or a family member are hospitalized for an extended period, your stay will be effected by what type of room you have, and how much you will have to pay out of your own pocket. For this reason, it is important that you read all the fineprint about the daily accommodation provided under your health insurance plan.

Type of Room

Typically, hospitals offer different types of rooms including shared, single or suite.  Obviously, having a single room will lead to a more comfortable stay for you and your family compared to a shared one. Many health insurance companies in the UAE will specify the type of room they cover under the policy, so make sure to check this. However, some insurers take a different approach, and do not specify a type of room, but rather the maximum they will cover.

Rent Limit

Cheaper medical insurance products will cover a certain daily amount, for example, AED 400 per night. Although these plans mean you have the flexibility of choosing a hospital and type of room, they are not the best option. Hospitals in the UAE are expensive, and you will end up paying a significant amount of money out of your own pocket. There are numerous add-on charges during a hospital stay, and if you are hospitalized for a while, the financial costs can be crippling. The actual check-in process will also be more complicated as the hospital will have to deal with you and the insurance company simultaneously to make sure they are going to be paid.

Hospital Network

Finally, you need to check the hospital & clinics network provided in your policy to see which medical facilities are covered under your plan. Choose one that has a hospital you are comfortable with, otherwise, you might find that during a medical emergency, you will have to stay in a hospital you do not trust. Again, any additional comfort you can get during a medical emergency goes a long way in easing the situation.

If you already have a health insurance policy, and find that the hospital room benefit is insufficient, there are a few solutions. If your policy is still a long way from renewal, you can research the insurance provider’s other plans, and submit a request to upgrade your plan. If your policy is up for renewal soon, you should definitely explore other options. The quality of your stay at the hospital is directly related to your health insurance policy.

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