Best Insurance Companies in Dubai

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With hundreds of insurance companies operating in Dubai, locating the premier providers can be an overwhelming endeavor. 

This guide compiles the top 10 most reputable and recommended insurance firms in Dubai, evaluated on customer service, coverage options, premiums, and claims processing.

Top 10 Insurance Companies in Dubai

1. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company

Since its pioneering launch in 1972, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) has stood at the frontier of Mena’s insurance landscape. 

It is headquartered in the UAE’s bustling capital and offers motor, medical, retiree, home, travel, smart life, wedding, and personal watercraft insurance, amongst others.

ADNIC continuously develops user-friendly products like their interactive mobile app, exemplifying their commitment to modernity and customer convenience.

They also have extensive accolades that highlight their industry leadership and corporate responsibility. One of these is their UAE Insurer Award.

ADNIC continues upholding its reputation for responsiveness, accuracy, and timely claims resolution. With AM Best’s “Excellent” financial strength rating reaffirmed, ADNIC shines as a beacon of reliability in the market.

2. Abu Dhabi National Takaful

Abu Dhabi National Takaful (ADNTC) illuminates the path toward customer-centricity in ethical, sharia-compliant takaful services.

This insurer extends tangible benefits to clients through values-driven practices, supported by their strong industry ratings. ADNTC’s diverse offerings deliver tailored protection for personal and commercial needs.

Strategic partnerships amplify these advantages further. By collaborating with pioneering digital bank Al Maryah Community Bank, ADNTC combines industry expertise with innovative solutions. This promises swift, hassle-free customer experiences.

ADNTC’s commitment to customer satisfaction has remained steadfast through the years, cementing its reputation as a trusted ally. They safeguard financial well-being and provide certainty when clients need it most.

3. AlG Insurance 

Backed by over a century of expertise, AIG Life Insurance provides varied coverage to suit diverse needs.

Their UK arm, AIG Life Limited, gains trust through authorization by reputable regulators. This enables AIG to serve customers across multiple regions.

AIG’s offerings span various policy types – from whole life to level term to over-50s options. Monthly premiums start as low as £5, influenced by age and health factors.

Customer experiences appear mixed, with strong complaints handling but fluctuating claims payout rates. While Trustpilot reviews offer perspective, AIG paid substantial percentages of claims in 2020.

For those considering AIG, comparing policies closely and assessing personal requirements remain key. Their longevity brings reassurance, but buyers must determine if AIG aligns with their needs and budget.

4. Allianz Insurance Company

Since its founding in 1896, Allianz Insurance has grown into a global insurance leader renowned for strength and service. This powerhouse holds remarkable “A+” ratings from both Better Business Bureau and AM Best.

Allianz’s vast offerings meet diverse needs – from travel and life to health, property and beyond. Their “Superior” AM Best rating affirms formidable financial stability, assuring reliable coverage.

Swift claims processing, with 99% settled within 48 hours, and responsive customer service drive high satisfaction. As the world’s largest insurer, Allianz draws on its rich history to make insurance accessible.

With diverse, tailored products and efficient support, Allianz provides certainty to customers across 90+ countries. Their commitment to service excellence for over a century makes Allianz a trusted choice when you need it most.

5. Dubai Insurance company

Boasting over 40 years of expertise, Dubai Insurance Company has earned an “Excellent” A- rating from AM Best.

DIC offers competitive pricing tailored to companies with under 100 employees and an average age below 35. Premiums align with market inflation to remain affordable.

Despite having only three fixed plans, DIC enables access to top UAE hospitals even with basic policies, prioritizing comprehensive coverage.

While customer service needs improvement, DIC excels technically with solid underwriting and capitalization. Their stable outlook signals enduring strengths, making DIC a solid option for reliable coverage.

With seasoned experience protecting UAE enterprises, DIC provides a promising choice for securing your company’s future.

6. GIG Insurance

As a leading MENA insurer, GIG Gulf provides reliable, extensive coverage options across the GCC, Levant, and North Africa.

Having acquired AXA Gulf, GIG expanded services to offer comprehensive medical, motor, life, property, liability, and engineering policies.

Renowned for financial strength, GIG Gulf won “2021 General Insurer of the Year” and earned triple ratings from trusted agencies.

With acclaimed customer service securing the future of individuals and companies across MENA, GIG Gulf is a premier choice for customized protection when you need it most.

7. MetLife

MetLife stands out with its 65 years of experience and dedication to offering smart financial solutions in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. 

The company’s commitment to understanding customers’ future goals and needs is highlighted, along with its promise to provide guidance through life’s uncertainties. 

Positive customer feedback emphasizes attributes like their “competent,” “efficient,” and “helpful” services. Some clients appreciate the “fantastic” savings and investment plans and commend the team’s professionalism. 

These strengths, along with MetLife Gulf’s strong ratings and adaptable approach to changing times, make them a trustworthy choice for those seeking insurance solutions.

8. National General Insurance Company

With a steadfast 40-year legacy, National General Insurance National General Insurance Company shines as a trusted UAE provider, boasting an “Excellent” AM Best A- rating.

Powered by robust shareholders and global reinsurance partners, they offer comprehensive and liability policies across diverse segments.

National General wins praise for quality service – excelling in claims processing, extended coverage, and balanced investments.

Rated 4.6/5 based on over 13,000 reviews, Policybazaar hails them as an insurance game-changer known for competitive rates and reliable support when it matters most.

By blending user-friendly access with steadfast reliability, National General secures customers’ futures with confidence earned over generations of excellence.

9. Noor Takaful

Since its founding in 2009, Noor Takaful has rapidly emerged as an ethical insurance leader in the UAE.

Established by H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Noor Takaful delivers sharia-compliant life, health, auto, and home coverage.

Noor Takaful’s commitment to convenience and cutting-edge integration is evident in its localized services.

As a takaful operator, Noor Takaful adheres to rules emphasizing community risk-sharing and ethical practices.

Recognized for achievements like “2021 Insurance Brand of the Year”, Noor Takaful is a reputable choice for those seeking sustainable, customer-focused protection.

10. Oman Insurance Company

A trusted UAE insurance partner since 1975,  Sukoon Insurance Company offers comprehensive solutions to over 800,000 clients.

With a robust balance sheet and prudent investments, Sukoon provides unshakeable peace of mind.

Excellent operating performance, like their 2022 profit of AED 223.6 million, demonstrates enduring reliability.

Boasting strong credit ratings and a commitment to innovation, Sukoon supplies diverse offerings with satisfaction.

When you seek a steadfast insurance ally, Sukoon’s legacy of unmatched protection and service makes them an ideal choice to secure your future.

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