Just launched: Doctor Bookings on Bayzat Benefits

The global healthcare industry is experiencing a customer-centric revolution. Google gave us symptom search, then came FaceTiming doctors and now in the US, you can even book a doctor through Amazon’s Alexa. Digital healthcare services are beneficial for a number of reasons including convenience, increased selection and the ease of accessing a second or third opinion, therefore keeping your insurance premium in check. 

The UAE has consistently been an outlier when it comes to innovation in healthcare and well-being. With some of the best healthcare providers at our disposal and a vast range of comprehensive insurance plans, you have the peace of mind that quality treatment is always available should the time come. That said, we are in an age where people are time-poor and as a result prioritising our heath can often be neglected. 

At Bayzat, we have set out to change this and make sure that all of our members have easy access to world-class healthcare at all times. With that in mind, we have just launched our Doctor Bookings feature on the Bayzat Benefits Health App, a seamless integration which makes finding and booking a doctor more accessible than ever. 

Doctor Bookings puts you in control of your health and ensures you have a doctor on-demand whenever you need one. Through the Bayzat Benefits app, you can book an appointment with your physician of choice in three simple steps: 

  1. Search our database for doctors within your network based on a wide range of criteria including location, network and language.
  2. Select an appointment time that works for you with your preferred doctor.
  3. Make your appointment through the app and a member of our support team will reach out to you to confirm it.

Save time and hassle by using Doctor Bookings. With over 1300 facilities in the UAE on the app, it’s never been easier to find a doctor and book an appointment. 
Learn more today.