Just upgraded: A new version of Doctor Bookings on Bayzat Benefits

The health industry has been threatened this 2020 with the reported outbreak of the COVID-19 and an increasing number of people feeling cold and flu symptoms. With the disease declared as pandemic, new technology and hospital facilities are being built around the UAE to ensure preparation and access to check-ins for everyone. 

It is important to start taking action and proactively keep ourselves and our loved ones protected. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits that strengthen your immune system and keeping a good hygiene is the first step. But now more than ever, having a digital healthcare service is extremely beneficial, not just for convenience, but also for getting the best possible care as and when you need it. 

At Bayzat, we continually learn and adapt innovative solutions that benefit everyone. As we strive to develop and improve our recent features that boost your health and wellbeing, you can ensure to have easy access to a world-class experience at all times when it comes to using your health insurance.

Start by getting peace of mind with our latest upgrade to our Doctor Bookings feature on Bayzat Benefits, in the best way yet. Now you can make sure your wellbeing is well-taken care of by choosing the right doctors for you according to their profiles at the best rated hospitals and newest facilities. 

Have a relative who is feeling flu symptoms? Doctor Bookings brings you with new perks not only for you, but also for your family dependents under your health insurance. To give you a better idea, here is what’s new with Doctor Bookings on Bayzat Benefits:

  1. Ability to choose the patient to book a doctor, whether it’s you or your dependents. 
  2. You can easily add new dependents at any time within the app with Doctor Bookings.
  3. Search and find rich profiles of your preferred doctor much faster to get high-class consultations. 
  4. Choose the best facility available on your network based on the latest patient ratings (powered by google).
  5. Make it easier to plan your day by setting your preferred time to visit a doctor from 30 minutes before.
  6. Get access to more doctors in more than 100 new facilities within Bayzat Benefits.

Save time on finding the nearest and best facility for you with Doctor Bookings, especially at this time. Get started today.