New Laws Approved to Improve Quality of Life in the UAE

A New Law in the UAE

Last Updated on September 7, 2022 by user

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his cabinet approved a national strategy aiming to improve the wellbeing of the UAE by 2031. The plan consists of 90 projects related to physical, psychological and digital health along with modifications to medical liability, product patents and designs to name a few.

The UAE national strategy of Wellbeing focuses on improving the lives of individuals, society, and country. The main focus revolves around promoting healthy lifestyles, positive mindsets, and mental fortitude. The strategy plan now includes 90 initiatives to help support the strategic objectives initially laid out by the National Wellbeing strategy. The most eye-catching introduction is that of the National Wellbeing Observatory, which will be tasked with gauging levels of happiness and reporting scheduled results to the cabinet. The observatory will also propose training programs for government employees. In 2016, the UAE also appointed a Minister of State for Happiness to help harmonize government-run programs and policies with society to achieve a happier future. All these initiatives are part of a larger goal to have the UAE rank amongst the top 5 happiest countries by 2021.

The cabinet also approved measures to strengthen the national economy by supporting changes related to property rights and patents. These federal decisions aim to protect the rights of local and foreign investors which further enhances the demand to enter the UAE market.

Regulations surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMO) were also approved in an effort to protect individuals from the potential harm of GMOs and their products. The agricultural sector for example frequently uses GMOs to enhance crop production as well as minimize pests, without taking public health into consideration.

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In an effort to enhance standards of health in the UAE, the cabinet passed executive regulations on medical liability. These regulations are designed to improve health facilities to ensure individuals have access to clinics of a high standard.

Lastly, the cabinet struck deals with the government of Peru on the mutual exemptions of visa requirements for passport holders of both countries. The Peruvian government, as well as the Korean government, agreed to end double-taxation with the UAE regarding income in an effort to incentivize investment in respective countries. An agreement was also approved with Honduras regarding air travel between and beyond their territory.