Replace the RTA Nol Card with Your Credit Card

The Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Card has many features, one the most unique being a built-in Nol chip which allows the credit card holder to use it exactly like an RTA Nol card.  It allows you to link your Nol Tag ID to the card, meaning you can use the Go4it Gold Card to pay for parking by simply inserting it into the parking meter.  In addition, you can pay for Metro, Bus and Water Taxi services by tapping it onto the card reader.

Soon, customers might be able to use the Go4it Gold Card to pay their taxi fare as well. A recent announcement by the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at RTA, Abdullah Al Madani, stated that, “the new payment system using existing Nol cards will be launched next January,” referring to the addition of taxis to the list of RTA services that accept Nol card payments.

Cardholders can top-up their Nol account manually, or select the auto top-up feature; in either case, the transactions are included in the monthly credit card statement. Customers who select the auto top-up feature should be careful however, if the auto top-up is initiated and the credit limit is insufficient on your Go4it Gold Card, you will incur overlimit charges.

The Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Card has an annual fee of AED 99.  Other benefits include exclusive offers on movie tickets, free Dubai ferry rides, 5% discount on certain airfare and 10% on holiday packages, 30% discounts at over 600 restaurant establishments across the UAE with the Bon Appétit program, health club privileges as well as free life and travel insurance. The card also allows holders to earn 1 plus point for every AED 400 spent on weekdays and 5 Plus Points for every AED 400 spent on weekends.

The Go4it Platinum Card provides similar benefits but with more rewards points for every Dirham spent. Of course, it also comes with a higher annual fee of AED 199.

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