Saving on Travel Expenses

The cost of travel and vacationing can really put a dent in your pocket if you don’t plan ahead. Here is some easy-to-use advice for the next time you are thinking of travelling.

Last Updated on October 17, 2013 by Brian Habibi

The cost of travel and vacationing can really put a dent in your pocket if you don’t plan ahead. If your trip is just around the corner, odds are it is too late to take advantage of the best savings opportunities. So it is of utmost importance that the next time you are thinking of travelling, you start preparing beforehand.

According to airline industry experts, you need to plan up to eight weeks in advance before travelling abroad, especially if you are taking a trip on important dates or public holidays.

Be flexible when it comes to actually sitting down and checking travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity. Try to play around with dates to get cheaper tickets. According to online travel agencies, airline ticket prices are highest on weekends, and tend to be cheapest during the middle of the week. Remember that return tickets are more expensive on weekends immediately after widely celebrated holidays such as Eid or Diwali. The ideal situation is to avoid travelling during peak season, as it is the single most important factor for ticket prices.

Another great way of saving money is by registering yourself on an airline website. This way you can get information pertaining to promotions and discounts immediately. Airlines like Air Arabia or FlyDubai aggressively market their 24 hour promotions. According to industry experts: “Fares change so often now that you could see a great fare, talk it over with your family that night, and the next day it’s gone. That’s why you should discuss your itinerary with your family beforehand. As soon as you know your travel dates, start checking flights on a regular basis, at least weekly, so when you see a sale, you can grab it.”

Daily deal sites are definitely worth looking at when it comes to cheaper travel options. Websites such as Cobone, Groupon and Yalla Banana are among the hordes of fantastic deal sites that have a lot to offer for families, couples and singles alike.

If you are travelling to major destinations such as London, New York, or Delhi, consider an alternative airport. Sometimes opting for less frequently used airports can be cheaper and you can benefit from shorter immigration lines and better parking opportunities.

If you are planning a journey, it is a good idea to buy travel insurance. You will find it less stressful dealing with cancelled flights or lost luggage knowing that you will be compensated.

Last but not least, use bayzat to find credit cards that offer Airmiles or Cashback on travel. Accruing these rewards can provide significant savings on airfares.

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