Tag: Labor Law

Working hours in the UAE

The government of the UAE has a set of established rules for the working hours of an adult in the UAE. If you are working or plan to work in the UAE, it is important to know about the rules set by the government in terms of working hours....
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What the law says about unfair dismissals

It can be unfair when an employer decides to lay off an employee without any justification or reasonable grounds. Here are the steps you can take if the situation arises. Arbitrary Dismissal Being terminated by your organization can be quite stressful especially when there isn’t any valid justification provided....
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UAE labor card: Everything you need to know

As an HR professional in the UAE, getting the work permit approved for your employees is a crucial part of the hiring process. Read on to learn more about the process and documents required. Any individual seeking a job in the UAE is aware of the requirement for a...
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