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Businesses' goals and business plans vary as a result of market trends and customer demands, but the real problem is to maintain a company's steady growth through these changes, something that Sinjar Mountains Food Company does.

Sinjar Mountains Company's Director of Human Resources, Mr. Fahd bin Hamoman, explains how Bayzat's cutting-edge HR management platform enables the firm to fulfill its expansion and business model development needs, anticipate all potential obstacles in advance, and save effort, time, and money, for the business's steady growth.
Setting the scene
Sinjar Mountains Food Company started in 2014 as a restaurant that serves oriental cuisine in a unique way at affordable prices, but within just one year the restaurant doubled to two restaurants, as the second restaurant is considered one of the largest restaurants in the eastern region. Now, Sinjar Mountains Food Company has expanded to 6 branches around KSA, in Al-Ahsa, Dammam and Riyadh. They also sign all kinds of contracts with government and private sectors, and their goal is to expand to all GCC countries by 2025.
Key Challenges
The increase in their number of employees and meeting the diversity of their needs
Facing limitations of old HR and Payroll systems
Time and effort spent on HR and insurance paperwork
Setting the scene
Bayzat’s accurate AI analytics and reporting helps the company during the expansion
By providing concise, easy-to-read reports on internal operations and the needs of employees during this crucial stage, Bayzat helped Sinjar Mountains Food Company prepare for the changes accompanying expansion and business model development efficiently and keep up with them. This allowed them to use the right steps, and approach the challenges of the labour market wisely.
accurate AI analytics
Complete compliance of the business's systems with Saudi labour via Bayzat
“Improving the contractual relationship with employees and assisting them in avoiding fines, as well as the compatibility of our systems with the social insurance system and all other government systems, are the most important things that Bayzat helped us with in order to comply with the Saudi labour law.” Mr. bin Hamoman, Sinjar Mountains Food Company.
Changing the way work works
Bayzat perfect dual: Health Insurance and automation
One of the most significant features for Sinjar Mountains Food Company is the integration of medical insurance, which allows the employee to access his medical insurance information and the network of hospitals that are accredited to him as well as make appointments with doctors, request a sick leave, and know the response to the leave—all of this via the app and without communicating with any other employee.
The bottom line
“We all encounter difficulties in the labour market as businesses. I suggest that businesses should seek out a success partner like Bayzat who will listen to their issues and look for methods to address them.”
Health Insurance and automation