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Health Insurance

We help you compare, buy and use your insurance.

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Bayzat Benefits

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Bayzat Benefits

Bayzat Benefits has changed the way our customers think about and interact with their medical policies.

That means using your health insurance is easy, simple, intuitive and mobile!

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Bayzat is a technology company that provides insurance and HR solutions.

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Bayzat empowers 12,000 employees

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Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Compare real-time pricing of over 100 policies in under 2 minutes. Buy an insurance policy that suits your needs while cutting out more than 50% of the processing time. Use our technology to explore your health benefits and stay in your network. You'll save at least 20% on costs associated with your health insurance policy.

HR Administration

Bayzat Benefits

For the employer

Employee records, time off, automatic data entry, alerts and health benefits.

For the employee

Manage their profile and quickly access important documents. See what their insurance policy covers, excludes and explore the direct billing network.


Treat your employees to Bayzat…

Bayzat did a fantastic job. They were very informative and helpful from day one despite the many set-backs we faced along the way! I would happily recommend Bayzat.

- Jyl Mahamat, Group HR and Talent Manager, Hills Advertising

I am so grateful for Bayzat's thoroughness and time spent with us to make sure we have the best plan for our needs and budget. I would highly recommend Bayzat to anyone.

- Natalia Dzubenko, HR & Administration Manager, Milestone Exhibition LLC

I was able to save money and get better benefits on our new Medical Insurance plan and I would recommend Bayzat to any organization that likes to get things done in a professional manner.

- Omar Turk, Regional HR Manager, Diebold Nixdorf

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