Schedule Management Software


Seamlessly track your employees’ attendance & schedule different types of shifts all from one place.

Know your employees are on time every time
Our smart tech allows your employees to check-in from wherever they are using their smartphone. In addition, you have a historic view of all their check-ins and check-outs with both timing and location to view how punctual employees are.
Easy and customisable

Our employee scheduling technology makes for quick, easy, error-free scheduling and can be customised based on shifts, locations and employees.

Instant reporting

Employees can simply snap a picture of their documents and upload them through the Bayzat app. Our system pulls in all of the key information and ensures there is nothing missing.

Employee Time off
Shifts made simple
Using Shift Scheduler, employees can view and check-in to their shifts from their mobile phone. Shift Scheduler lets you effectively create, adjust and communicate schedules and changes, and seamlessly integrates with our attendance tech so that you can minimize admin work.
Multiple shifts multiple schedules

Our technology makes for quick, easy, error-free scheduling and can be customised based on shifts, locations and employees.

Plan before you publish

Work in draft mode first to get shifts assigned, then communicate with employees when you're ready giving them a clear view of upcoming shifts.

Employee Attendance Software
Integrated oversight
Shift Scheduler Software is integrated with Attendance and Time Off, meaning you'll always have oversight of when and where your team are working.
Employee Scheduling Software
Client Testimonial
Shift Scheduler has been a game changer for us, it has saved us so much time and makes shift allocation clear to employees through the app. Plus, they are easily notified of any changes and we get a birds-eye view of coverage across our locations.
HR Manager, Jimmy Choo
Our all-in-one HR & employee benefits platform allows you to:
Run payroll in minutes and pay your employees faster than they can say pay day.
Manage leave requests, allowance, history and any overlaps.
Automate the entire payroll and bookkeeping process with our Payroll Accounting Integration.
Allow your employees to check-in from their smartphones.
Create achievable and trackable goals for your employees and give them feedback in a timely manner.