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Bayzat transforms Qlub's work life for the better with automation

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Qlub's seventh and most recent branch, now open in Riyadh, is the fastest, most secure form of digital menu & contactless payment for customers at restaurants, clubs & lounges. With Bayzat’s help, Qlub was able to successfully expand into the Saudi market, ensuring smooth internal operations so that their employees could complete their tasks without wasting any time or effort.

Maha Almutairi, Qlub’s HR Director, explains how Bayzat's automation, employee management, and exclusive benefits have improved the work lives of Qlub employees and HR teams.
Setting the scene
Qlub is a global platform for payment and sales solutions and systems for restaurants and cafes, with offices in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, and Singapore.

The Qlub platform assists customers in completing payments quickly and efficiently, as well as facilitating restaurant and cafe sales management. With a team of 200+ active members worldwide and 1,000+ customers, Qlub has revolutionized restaurant payments and sales.

Key Challenges
Rudimentary systems used to manage their HR operations and payroll systems
Time and effort spent on HR paperwork
Difficulty in efficiently completing employee related HR tasks
Setting the scene
Qlub was previously using Microsoft systems to manage their HR and payroll processes. This proved to be ineffective, wasting time and effort on managing more complex tasks such as leave requests, bonuses, salaries, and so on.

“We recognised the need for a fundamental change in HR management and decided to invest in Bayzat’s all-in-one technology to manage our HR operations and organise our internal processes.” Maha Almutairi, Qlub’s HR Director
The presence of one platform that combines HR management and employee features organized the workflow and saved a lot of administrative hustle. Bayzat is an easy-to-use app for iOS or Android, enabling all employees to access its self-service hub from anywhere.

“As a manager, I can submit a request, receive the approval requests, and see it through to completion while I am away from the office and without having to communicate with any other employees.” says Maha Almutairi, Qlub’s HR Director
Localized requirements for a Saudi market
“When viewing a demo of Bayzat’s features, the first thing that came to mind was that those in charge of the platform understand the Saudi culture and serve its needs completely. I noticed they designed the platform based on their experience with the markets, which is one of the most important tools for the platform's success in my opinion.” says Maha Almutairi, Qlub’s HR Director

The most obvious evidence is they are constantly enhancing and adding features. After hearing client feedback as users and experienced HR professionals, Bayzat periodically provides additional services and opportunities to develop the platform.
Changing the way work works
Automation has allowed Qlub to save a significant amount of staff and facility time.
Their employees can request leave with one click, receive approvals instantly, request early pay at the touch of a button, and access their salary reports directly from their mobile devices.

In addition, when requesting official letters, the employee receives approval of his request with the stamp and signings through the Bayzat App. As a result, the platform improves flexibility and productivity.

“Bayzat assists us as an HR department by allowing us to view all data related to official documents such as IDs, residence permits, and passports, saving us time and avoiding fines.”
Changing the way work works
Bayzat impacts Qlub's internal culture
Through a variety of sustainable tools, Bayzat helps Qlub improve their internal culture.
Through customized surveys, particularly employee satisfaction and work environment surveys, Qlub is able to collect accurate data on all segments of their employees, thoroughly understand the problems, and easily communicate with them.
Bayzat enables Qlub’s employees to keep up with the changes in the facility, by organizing employees' authority and completing tasks by one person rather than an entire team. Exclusive benefits help enhance Qlub’s employee loyalty with weekly and monthly activities to engage and celebrate their employees through their own Newsfeed on the Bayzat App.
Ensuring 100% Compliance
According to Maha Almutairi, Qlub’s HR Director, “Bayzat is one of the few platforms that has met all Saudi labour laws, the Ministry of Labor, and commercial records approval criteria, as well as meeting the needs and requirements of the Saudi market.”
Bayzat impacts Qlub's internal culture
Favorite Bayzat Features
“Bayzat is our data keeper, which is one of the most important aspects of HR management. Keeping data completely secure without sharing it with third parties or interfering with work mechanisms or internal processes. One of my favourite aspects of Bayzat is their customer success team and account managers. Their responses are prompt, and they always provide appropriate solutions.”

The bottom line
“Because I specialize in HR management and have worked in the development of many small and medium enterprises, I highly recommend Bayzat as the best option, as it serves the needs of all employees and helps achieve all short and long-term goals, at the management and enterprise levels.”
Favorite Bayzat Features