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Bayzat enables Saudi Icon to meet its changing needs during its huge expansion in KSA

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Despite all the economic conditions facing Saudi companies, Saudi Icon for Fit-out and Design Solutions, has been able to expand in KSA and provide its services to thousands of new consumers, with the same competitive quality and International standards.

Sultan Kabbarah shares how their HR team faced the increasing requirements of their expansion; managed larger teams with different needs and maintained their standards, creating a positive environment for employees to adapt to their growth.
Saudi Icon
Setting the scene
Saudi Icon is a group of young, dynamic, and forward-thinking professionals, driven by a passion for beautiful and functional aesthetics brought to life efficiently and meticulously.

Since 2014, Saudi Icon has been a one-stop-shop for all design & build needs including installations of bespoke furniture and more. With their rapid growth and path for expansion, Saudi Icon partnered with Bayzat to help manage their growing teams, whilst still providing the same level of quality output.
Key Challenges
The increase in their number of employees and meeting the diversity of their needs
Facing limitations of their old HR and Payroll systems
The ability to offer customized benefits for their employees
Rapid employee turnover due to continuous changes resulting from their expansion
Setting the scene
Bayzat’s all-in-one platform helped all branches and their different teams manage HR processes and complete administrative work in a much shorter time than usual, saving time and money while providing a world-class experience for employees.

The synchronization of all human resources and social insurance data and transactions with their payroll process, enabled Saudi Icon to easily prepare and download WPS files in just a few clicks, and accurately pay all their employees.
Saudi Icon’s biggest concerns during this expansion and how they overcame them
According to Sultan Kabbarah "Our first challenge was the disturbances that impact the salary process when a business is continuously expanding. Knowing that Bayzat is fully compliant with the Saudi labour system was comforting because we didn’t have to worry about the integration of our HR systems and social security transactions with the salary process, social security, wage protection files, health insurance, etc. The Bayzat platform ensured all our processes were already in line with KSA regulations.

Our second challenge was access and task assignment conflicts. Bayzat’s automated arrangement for all job tasks, defining the powers of each employee under his role, and allocating access rights in a fully automated way, helped us ten-fold."
Favorite Bayzat features
“Without hesitation; it is the employee's self-service. This feature facilitates operations between employees and human resource management, and at the same time makes it easier for managers to follow up on the performance and attendance of their teams. We saved a lot of effort, time and administrative burden. Putting our employees in control of their own personal records, leave, shifts, expense claims and more enabled a world-class experience.”
Employee benefits are our priority
Saudi Icon’s previous system did not include any additional benefits for employees, only the basic ones, which limited their growth and benefit offerings to employees, especially during tough economic times. However, Bayzat helped Saudi Icon provide customized benefits to their employees, financial, health and many other benefits, without worrying about additional expenses incurred to the business. Saudi Icon was able to enhance their employees' quality of life, nourish their work environment, boost employees' loyalty to their brand and raise work quality and productivity.
The bottom line
“To succeed in the Saudi market, an attractive work environment must be provided to employees. Bayzat helped us achieve this.”
Employee benefits are our priority