20,414 leave applications submitted and automated monthly.
Saving time on your HR admin so that you can focus on what matters; your people. That's the Bayzat Effect.
Clients who have experienced the Bayzat Effect
Bayzat is changing the way work works for the better.
By providing access to next level technology and an employee experience that benefits everyone - Bayzat has opened new possibilities in work life that has transformed businesses. With Bayzat you can:
Cut Costs
Cut up to 40% of your costs by automating and streamlining your business, it’s priceless
Save Time
Save 63% of time spent on manual HR & payroll processes, so you can focus what matters; your people
Offer a World-Class Experience
Offer employees unprecedented access to work, finance and medical benefits designed to boost their wellbeing
Comply with the Law
Ensure that you are 100% labor law compliant
The Bayzat Effect
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Businesses battle to keep pace with changing 2023 workplace
Businesses battle to keep pace with changing 2023 workplace
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Happier workers result in healthier businesses
Happier workers result in healthier businesses
Are your employees rapidly becoming the core focus of your efforts? If not, find out the cost to businesses being left behind. Plus, discover how businesses are bolstering their technology to deliver a world-class employee experience.
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Bayzat’s features
Bayzat’s all-in-one HR, payroll, insurance & employee benefits software ensures your business can automate time-consuming processes and comply with local regulations. With software that is easy to use, simple to onboard, and offers exclusive employee benefits, a world-class experience at work is now possible for every company.
Painless Payroll
With just a few clicks, automate your calculations and process your payroll easier than ever before.
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Accessible Health Insurance
Health insurance that's easy to understand, affordable, intuitive and accessible.
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World-Class Employee Benefits
Access transformative benefits to improve your employees' health and financial well-being and watch your productivity levels soar.
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Automated HR
Smart software that takes care of all your administrative tasks so your HR team can focus on what matters the most, your people.
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Bayzat’s features
super charged
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The Bayzat Effect has impacted 1,500+ companies, equipping them with the right blend of technology to streamline their HR, payroll and insurance processes and deliver a world-class employee experience. A platform built by the people for the people.