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Sarwa turned to Bayzat to help it establish a HR system that would support its growth, save valuable time, and streamline the insurance process.

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Sweetheart Kitchen

Sweetheart Kitchen turned to Bayzat to help it onboard new employees quickly, streamline HR processes, and set up the right insurance coverage.

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Explore how a major company like Deliveroo were able to find the right coverage for their employees leveraging Bayzat insurtech.

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Through Bayzat, Mansions opened up possibilities of work life for their team and their company like never before.

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Themaar Investment

Themaar Inverstments got exactly what they needed through Bayzat, giving their employees benefits they wouldn’t be able to offer.

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Fuchsia restaurant

Fuchsia is actively using Bayzat to power a better work life experience for their employees that drives the company to the next-level.

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Two Oceans LLC

Using Bayzat, Two Oceans LLC now saves more time spent on payroll, with just one hour every month.

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Luxury Closet

Luxury closet can now give time and money back to their business, freeing up to 8 hours per week on HR tasks.

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Abbrevia is able to have peace of mind that their employees are well taken care of with Bayzat.

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Our all-in-one HR & employee benefits platform allows you to:
Run payroll in minutes and pay your employees faster than they can say pay day.
Manage leave requests, allowance, history and any overlaps.
Allow your employees to check-in from their smartphones.
Create achievable and trackable goals for your employees and give them feedback in a timely manner.
Elevate your employees' experience with our innovative benefits and health insurance solutions directly from our app.