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Purpose built features to help your business address all its HR, payroll and health insurance needs.

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Employee Benefits

Time Off

Take control of employee leave including requests, allowance, history and any overlaps within a team.

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Attendance Management

Smarter attendance tracking to help you manage your team wherever they are.

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Shift Scheduler

Quick, error-free and customizable scheduling for employee shifts.

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Employee Records

Manage employee documents in one place and get notifications for upcoming document expiries and renewals.

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Letter requests

Allow your employees to request letters directly via the Bayzat mobile app.

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Performance Management

Set achievable and trackable goals for your employees and give them feedback in a timely manner.

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Payroll Processing

Save time and eliminate errors with a fully automated payroll processing solution.

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Payroll Management

Have access to pay records and payslips anytime, anywhere.

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Work Expenses

Keep track of work expenses and repayments across your business without the paper trail.

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Group Health Insurance

Manage your health insurance policy painlessly and access health and wellness benefits for your employees.

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Car Insurance

Competitive quotes from top insurance providers in UAE. Flexibility to pay with installments.

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Term Life Insurance

Affordable life insurance starting as low as AED 15 per month with a payout of AED 1M. Secure your future in less than 5 minutes.

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Maternity Insurance

Find and compare policies from a range of maternity insurance plans from the leading providers in the UAE.

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Boost employee wellbeing and productivity with benefits you don't have to work for.

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Finance Benefits

Give your employees the freedom to choose when they get paid with EarlyPay. We’ll pay them directly and automatically deduct the requested amount from their month-end salary.

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Work Benefits

Allow your employees to manage their records, keep an eye on their shifts, check in and out of work, access their payslips, request time off and more.

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Mental Health Support

Give your employees access to online therapy and best-in-class services for mental health support and wellbeing.

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Fitness Challenges

Create and allow your employees to join company-wide competitions from our app. A healthy workforce leads to a healthy business.

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Online Pharmacy

Shop all your pharmacy supplies online and delivered to your door in 60 minutes.

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Perks By Bayzat

Provide your employees with the latest offers and discounts.

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Our all-in-one HR & employee benefits platform allows you to:
Run payroll in minutes and pay your employees faster than they can say pay day.
Manage leave requests, allowance, history and any overlaps.
Allow your employees to check-in from their smartphones.
Create achievable and trackable goals for your employees and give them feedback in a timely manner.
Elevate your employees' experience with our innovative benefits and health insurance solutions directly from our app.