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Explore our features designed to find the best HRMS solution for your HR, payroll and health insurance challenges in UAE

Time Off

Take control of employee leave including requests, allowance, history and any overlaps within a team.

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Attendance Management

Smarter attendance tracking to help you manage your team wherever they are.

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Shift Scheduler

Quick, error-free and customizable scheduling for employee shifts.

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Employee Records

Manage employee documents in one place and get notifications for upcoming document expiries and renewals.

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Payroll Processing

Save time and eliminate errors with a fully automated payroll processing solution.

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Payroll Management

Have access to pay records and payslips anytime, anywhere.

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Work Expenses

Keep track of work expenses and repayments across your business without the paper trail.

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Health Insurance

Manage your health insurance policy painlessly and access health and wellness benefits for your employees.

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Employee Benefits

Boost employee wellbeing and productivity with benefits you don’t have to work for.

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