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Knowledge Hub

A dynamic productivity tool that leverages AI to use your company’s IP, translating knowledge into actionable insights.

Personalized ai content generation
Access and utilize knowledge within and beyond your organization, our AI Assistant will go beyond finding what you need. It can generate personalized content based on internal and external resources. Say goodbye to wasting time and hello to productivity.
personalized ai content
Super smart AI driven knowledge management
Upload, edit, and share your files with Knowledge Hub. Our smart AI system ensures that your documents and information are stored centrally and are easily accessible. Gain a competitive advantage by fueling your AI assistant with company-specific knowledge!
Super smart AI driven
Multi-language ai assistance
Our AI assistant is trained to receive and answer questions in 60 languages, saving you up to 80% of the time employees spend searching and making sense of information. Employees get an intuitive and intelligent mobile-first experience, empowering them to turn your company knowledge into actionable insights.
Multi-language ai assistance
Maximize compliance and control
Now you can manage and share your relevant policies and all your company documents at a click of a button, making it simple for your employees to understand their roles and comply. Our permission management and controls ensure that the right people access the right content.
Maximize compliance and control
Our all-in-one HR & employee benefits platform allows you to:
Run payroll in minutes and pay your employees faster than they can say pay day.
Manage leave requests, allowance, history and any overlaps.
Automate the entire payroll and bookkeeping process with our Payroll Accounting Integration.
Allow your employees to check-in from their smartphones.
Create achievable and trackable goals for your employees and give them feedback in a timely manner.
Elevate your employees' experience with our innovative benefits and health insurance solutions directly from our app.