Performance Management Made Simple
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Performance Management Made Simple

Monitor, maintain and improve employee performance in line with your organization's objectives.

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Set easy & trackable goals
No more handwritten notes or lost spreadsheets! Line managers can set easily trackable goals and track the progress of their employees to help with continuous professional improvement.
Set easy & trackable goals
Get rid of the guesswork
The performance management feature allows you to easily score the goals of each employee and to track progress across the company, making it both seamless and easy for line managers and employees to reach their goals.
Get rid of the guesswork
Now you can create holistic feedback cycles more frequently with every employee to collect upward and peer feedback alongside self reviews and manager reviews. Use customized evaluation forms to assess the skills that count, send automated and manual reminders and harness the power of 360 feedback to deliver invaluable insights.
Level up performance feedback
Line managers can set up frequent conversations with their team members to facilitate more efficient feedback and one-to-ones, allowing for greater collaboration and focus on personal and career development.
Level up performance feedback
Client Testimonial
Love the new PM module and what the team has launched. It's so easy to understand and use for everyone, all the way from the CEO who knows the business inside-out to an intern who is just starting to grasp things. Keep up the great work!
Raw Coffee Company
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