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Fuchsia Restaurant -
Tanya Azmi, Managing

Bayzat is the work life platform that benefits everyone. And we’re making waves in the UAE by helping businesses like yours turn possibilities into workplace realities. We sat down with Tanya Azmi, Managing partner at Fuchsia Restaurant, for a chat about how Fuchsia has experienced success with Bayzat as a small business on the rise.

Setting the scene

Fuchsia is a Thai restaurant that operates two popular branches in Dubai. The team is currently made up of around 50 employees. Prior to using Bayzat, Fuchsia faced a challenge with employees understanding their insurance policy, how to access it and understand which clinics were within their network. Further to this, there was confusion around how to submit claims and employees would often go to the wrong places and have to pay for treatment, despite guidance being given by the company.

“When you spend on an employee benefit like this, you want to make sure it is being used,” says Tanya. “Another issue we faced was confusion around time-off, employees would think their leaves were accepted after speaking to a supervisor, despite no formal system or approval being in place. They would then go ahead and buy tickets to travel without final sign-off and then we would face issues. This would lead to feelings of resentment and would decrease employee morale, which we obviously didn’t want”

In teams of employee record management, this also caused problems for the team at Fuchsia.

Key Issues

  • Difficulty in employees understanding their policy
  • Difficulty in finding hospitals and clinics
  • Employees paying out-of-pocket
  • Issues with claims
  • Leave requests not being approved

Making work better

“Implementing and using Bayzat for our insurance needs took away these challenges- it was clear to employees where they needed to go if they weren’t feeling well. There is also a clear structure for how to apply for leaves. The process is much more transparent and our team feels good about it.”

“In terms of getting started with Bayzat, it was simple. Our dedicated Customer Success Manager Saif was and still is super accessible - I had quite a few questions when we first kicked off! The Bayzat team has been really helpful.”

Opening up new possibilities

“As a founder, I feel like Bayzat has been a game-changer for me. I’m able to keep track of my team through a simple dashboard. Plus, I’m glad that all our employees know where they need to go when they are unwell- it was really frustrating for me (and them as well, I’m sure) when they would go to the wrong clinics and end up having to pay out of pocket, but now everything is much more streamlined and clear. Everyone is a winner”.

“For my team, applying for leave is also much more efficient, everyone knows they need to get approved by the various department heads within the system and there is no more confusion. Also, I love the calendar feature - it lets me see who is off at the same time so that there are no conflicts, and how many remaining days leave every employee has to take”.

The bottom line
I would recommend Bayzat to anyone who wants to streamline their HR processes and alleviate the troubles that come with manual administrative work.
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