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Sadia Asif, HR Specialist

Bayzat is the work life platform that takes your business to the next level. By solving problems and streamlining processes, we have been helping companies like yours turn what’s needed into what’s possible. We sat down with Sadia Asif, HR Specialist of The Luxury Closet, to tell us how Bayzat helped their company experience greater success while making better employee experiences.

Setting the scene

Founded in 2011, Luxury Closet is an online boutique store based out of dubai that sells and buys new and pre-loved luxury items across the middle east. Since 2011, they have grown into a prime digital disruptor with currently 87 employees in the team. Prior to using Bayzat, they noticed a major challenge, it was getting more difficult to manage their employees as the team grew rapidly, and they had no active digital software to streamline their processes.

Track employees’ hours in Luxury Closet success story with Bayzat app

To track time off for employees, they structured a leave hierarchy through email, which then resulted in numerous back-and-forth communication within the company and led to confusion and misunderstandings. Additionally, they were spending hours organizing employee records and processing payroll every month, and it was getting more difficult to manage visa renewals on time.

Key Issues

  • Offline leave management
  • 15 hrs a week spent organizing employee records, visa renewals, and company documentation
  • Delays renewing visas
  • Manual payroll rollout

Making work better

After implementing Bayzat, Sadia was able to shift her focus on her people and save more time in HR administration tasks in a way that made more sense. With their time off module, they managed to completely remove the hassle of managing and updating leaves manually. “Fortunately, Bayzat allowed us to solve our key complaint with time off. Now we have a multi-tiered approval hierarchy, multiple leave cycle calendar, and in-built tracker for days taken and remaining, a clear overview of all company leaves that reached every necessary approver before accepting them” Sadia mentions.

Additionally, Luxury Closet found great success with managing documents and receiving reminders that allowed them to keep track of upcoming deadlines and renewals. “Through Bayzat’s dashboard, all upcoming deadlines, including passport and visa renewal dates, are aligned across a company’s dashboard in order of urgency so any admin can plan their document renewals accordingly” Sadia adds.

With Bayzat, Sadia describes how it improved their employees financial wellbeing and empowered their team to efficiently manage their finances. “Our users now have the ability to submit reimbursement claims, easily change or manage existing payroll, and add a myriad of additions and deductions without compromising accuracy or time”

insights from using bayzat
Online Payroll  Services within minutes from Bayzat
  • Average of 8-hour per-week freed up for HR team
  • 1 hour a month — as opposed to 12 hours a month — organizing salary transfer
  • 285 leave requests processed in 3 months

Opening up new possibilities

While using Bayzat, Sadia and her team noticed how they were able to change the way things were done through better technology and powered work life experiences that benefit everyone. “One of the key improvements Bayzat brought us was that it streamlined a myriad of tasks. Changing to streamline processes is now saving us time and helping us better make sense of our HR information like never before”

“Our time off module gave us clear transparency and overview of employees leaves, we can save hours processing payroll, and we have a comprehensive dashboard that allows us to track key employee information and be notified of upcoming documents expiries. Plus, Bayzat's level of support and willingness to help couldn't be better, they truly go above and beyond to help their clients”

Luxury Closet Employee Management success story with Bayzat app
The bottom line
I would recommend Bayzat to anyone who wants to streamline their HR processes and alleviate the troubles that come with manual administrative work.
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