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Giving Securitas the tools to lock down employee engagement

Looking after employee wellbeing has quickly become a key priority for businesses of all sizes and in all industries, particularly following the Covid-19 pandemic. But providing the right mix of work, finance and medical benefits isn’t easy.
Liesbeth Schiavo, People & Culture Director for Securitas in the UAE & Saudi Arabia, explains how the company has transformed its approach to workplace benefits in order to provide a world class employee experience.

Setting the scene
Originally founded in Sweden in the 1930s, Securitas has grown into one of the world's largest security providers. It now employs more than 320,000 people in 53 countries around the world – including highly experienced teams of security officers, technicians and engineers – all with a mission to help make the world a safer place.

Within the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the company focuses on delivering tailor-made physical and digital security services for the likes of corporate offices, retailers and data centers. These services range from on-site guarding to electronic security and remote services. But despite its business success in the region, Securitas was struggling to effectively engage its employees. It lacked a dynamic, agile solution that could bring employees together while streamlining HR operations – which is why it turned to Bayzat.
Setting the scene
Key issues
Reliance on manual back-office processes
Limited business impact due to significant HR admin burden
Lack of employee buy-in and engagement
Key issues
Putting employees first
When Securitas first approached Bayzat, its HR team was overburdened with manual processes and time-consuming admin. At the same time, its workforce didn’t have access to any form of centralized platform that brought all of the company’s key benefits together in one place. It was looking for a dynamic and user-friendly solution that could integrate medical insurance and wider employee benefits, enabling them to deliver a world class employee experience and truly engage with their workforce.

Securitas rolled out Bayzat’s employee benefits platform in the UAE giving them the ability to offer exclusive perks to their workforce such as vouchers from local retailers. The work life platform provides more in-depth wellness benefits like access to online doctor consultations and medicine delivered to their doorsteps. Centralising employee benefits through Bayzat has streamlined Securitas’ HR operation, while showing their commitment to the part they love most - their people. And the proof is in the pudding, with 90% of their UAE employees having downloaded and actively engage with their Bayzat App.
Putting employees first
“We wanted to give employees everything they need at their fingertips,” explained Liesbeth. “The solution had to be user-friendly and bring everyone together as one company. We were already on an insurance platform, but what attracted us to Bayzat was the opportunity for the team members to have access to perks and an integrated wellness programme. This all helps employees feel like they have everything they need.”
The Bayzat platform has enabled Securitas to run company-wide health initiatives in an innovative, tech savvy and engaging way. Such as its ‘sole survivor’ challenge, where employees compete to walk the most steps throughout September. Previously, employees had to send screenshots of their step counts to one person who logged everything manually. Now the entire challenge can be managed automatically through Bayzat. Including the ability to post their results on the Bayzat newsfeed and encourage camaraderie. The result is a much more engaging, interactive experience for the 400 participants.
Making work better
What’s next?
Securitas is already looking ahead to the next phase of its Bayzat journey, with a plan to focus on performance management in terms of goal settings and appraisals. Although it currently has performance management capabilities within its ERP platform, the tool doesn’t encompass their full workforce. Many appraisals are still being conducted through spreadsheets, or not being documented at all and collated manually.
This further increases the administrative burden on the HR team, limiting their visibility into how employees are performing across the company. As Liesbeth says, “I’m tired of running after managers to get their employee appraisals. It adds a lot of time and effort, plus they often get lost.” Securitas needs a tool that can streamline these processes and provide.
What’s next?
The bottom line
We needed to jump into the future with something more agile and Bayzat has absolutely provided that. The local team has been amazing. Everything that could be done has been done, including training our staff and speaking to them about the benefits on offer. Bayzat has truly transformed our employee engagement strategy.
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