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UAE Workforce Overview

UAE workforce demographics can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

Conducting market research to gather information on a new product or service offering.

Ensuring businesses are best positioned to cater to the needs and expectations of their employees.

Empowering job seekers to make informed employment decisions.

UAE HR Insights
Workforce distribution by age
Workforce distribution by age chart

Millennials are people born between
1981 and 1996

77 percent

of the UAE workforce are Millennials

Male to Female percentage by industry
Male to Female percentage by industry chart
Leave Management Trends in UAE

Leave Management

Employees are entitled to request leave from work for a number of reasons. Understanding trends across types of leave requests can help to evaluate your company leave policy and provide better employee experiences.

The 5 most requested leave types in the UAE
The 5 most requested leave types chart
Leave Management Insights in UAE

Rejuvenate from Work

The number of days taken per leave request has evolved with over 50% of leave requests tied to 3 days or less. It’s interesting to see there are no particular leave trends tied to months. Understanding when employees request leave as well as the duration can influence strategic business decisions such as resource management and sales forecasting.

Duration per vacation leave request
Vacation leave request chart
legend for Vacation leave request chart
Vacation by month
Vacation by month chart
legend for Vacation by month chart
Leave Policy Insights in UAE

Develop Leave Policies
that Keep your
People Happy

Crafting competitive leave policies help to provide better employee experiences and also sets yourself apart from your peers. By providing a more employee-friendly leave policy, you make your employees feel more supported and valued.


of employees in a company do not request sick leave.

Average days provided to UAE employees per leave type
days provided to UAE employees per leave type chart
Employee Tenure Trends in UAE

How to get employees to stay?

According to multiple studies, the cost of replacing an employee is roughly 50 - 60% of their annual salary. It is imperative for companies to make their employees feel valued by providing:

An inclusive culture

Hybrid working

Growth opportunities

Employee engagement

Workforce by tenure length
Workforce by tenure length chart
UAE Turnover by Industry Trends

Why do employees leave?

There are a multitude of reasons why an employee leaves their job but what is constant is the cost and impact that high turnover has on both employee morale and a company’s bottom line. With employee expectations and behaviors continuing to evolve, finding ways to improve the work lives of your employees is more important than ever.

Turnover by type
Turnover by type chart
legend for Turnover by type chart
Turnover by industry
Turnover by industry chart

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