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Health Insurance

We help you compare, buy and use your insurance.

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Bayzat Benefits

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Bayzat Benefits

Bayzat Benefits has changed the way our customers think about and interact with their medical policies.

That means using your health insurance is easy, simple, intuitive and mobile!

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Compare, buy and use your health insurance

Plans from leading insurers, easy payment and powerful technology to access your benefits online



Compare over a 100 policies in real time. Filter through policies to find the ones that fit your criteria or select based on their network map.



We make it easy for you to decide and buy your policy, helping you through each step of the process.



Use Bayzat Benefits to access your full benefits and network map. Search for symptoms and specialists covered by your policy.

Bayzat Benefits

Your policy in your pocket

Bayzat gives all of your employees access to Bayzat Benefits app where they can search through their benefits and network to make sure they avoid time consuming claim processes.


Hospitals & Clinics

Helps you find hospitals, clinics and more that’s covered by your network. Stop paying out of your own pocket.



Your policy has been simplified and organized for you to easily browse through on your mobile device.



Search for hospitals & clinics, benefits, symptoms and more.

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No matter who your insurer is, your company can save money by using our cloud platform. Help your employees understand and use their policy the right way through our technology.

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