Family Care Silver Classic (old)

Please introduce some special package insurance as per DHA.

Muhammad Aamir Matloob
Health Perfect 1

Pricey, but good. Covers everything you need.

Sebastian J. Holmes
Health Perfect 1

Haven't had any issues so far! Liked how many benefits this has and the amount of coverage offered - you never know when you might need it.

Bademus Atilla
Health Perfect 1

جيد - الكثير من المستشفيات

Amal Aziz
Health Perfect 2

I travel a lot, so the fact that I am covered in most countries is a big relief. Issue is sometimes getting through to Axa via email or phone; can take a lot of time.

Panini Goyal
Health Perfect 6

good price... nice offerz.

Anuraag Adhya
Health Perfect 6

Surprisingly cheap for what you're getting. And world wide coverage. I travel a lot in my profession, so having this is incredibly handy. People have complained about Axa's response time, but they've been as responsive as any other insurance group.

Stephanie Gay
Health Perfect 6

V. good price. Nice benefits. AXA response time isn't.

Emil Petersen
Health Perfect 2

أحب خطتهم، ولكن أتمنى أن يكون تغطية أمريكا الشمالية

Naaif el-Hammoud
Health Perfect 7

Please send me network lisst for this plan

Mary Cris David
Health Perfect 2

Awesome plan, really great coverage. Can't really complain about the package I got (young, no pre-conditions or anything). AXA needs to free up their phone lines, though.

Brendan Kennedy
Health Perfect 3


Aisha Muhammed
Health Perfect 3

Needs better options for paying. Only Credit Card or going direct to their office.

Steph Santos
Health Perfect 3

جيد جدا

Health Perfect 3

Great for any traveler - emergency coverage is solid.

Bennie BJ
Health Perfect 4

تغطية جيدة ميديكلا

عبد العزيز
Health Perfect 4

I think Axa is the go-to insurance in Dubai. Been using them for years and never a problem! Thanks for connecting them to me, Bayzat!!

Health Perfect 4

FOR MOMS OUT THERE: Vaccination is free for kids up to 6! Really nice coverage for you during maternity, too! Just make sure you ask for ALL THE BENEFITS.

Hulia Joberto
Health Perfect 4

I have chronic bronchitis and its covered with Axa. But I know they don't cover pre-existing conditions.

Maximianus Jaroslav
Health Perfect 5

Nice. Price good. Cover good. Maybe better maternity???

Puja Singh