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Track employee time on projects with ease

Manage employee projects and optimize productivity across your team. Track times on projects more efficiently and makes sure you never lose a billable minute again.

time and attendance systems for small businesses
Communicate daily tasks
Get easy access to your daily tasks and add or delete tasks with descriptions of your activity, including the time spent according to work timings.
Get better visibility
Admins and managers can view and monitor timesheets for each employee, making it easier to track the productivity and working hours for each team, anytime, anywhere.
Track your billable hours
Admins and managers can track and compare employees’ billable vs non-billable hours.
Client Testimonial
We have been working with Bayzat for almost 2 years now and we have found time sheets to be an invaluable tool for what we do. As someone who is using the platform on a daily basis, we are always blown away by the way Bayzat can capture simplicity and complexity in a single easy-to-use product.
HR Manager, ENG Genious Project Management Services
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