Are you scheduling shifts for your employees fairly and efficiently?

Did you know that on average, it takes about 1 to 3 days a month for schedulers to appropriately schedule shifts for their employees? This also increases depending on industry, for instance, in food and beverage companies, HR managers spend about 7% of their work week on scheduling. Many companies do not realize the negative impact that tracking and managing scheduling can have on their overall costs and employees.

Schedulers and HR Managers

If you have created work schedules and shifts before, you must know that it is a full-time job. With manually preparing stacks of spreadsheets and time forms, creating calendars, tracking and changing timetables, it is an overwhelming task to handle for HR managers, not to mention that it takes weeks to create a good and fair schedule for employees.

With constant changes in scheduling, it allows for simple yet adverse errors to happen. Schedulers and employees mostly communicate shift changes via different mediums, such as phone calls or WhatsApp messages, leading to unnecessary complications in communication and tracking of records. Meanwhile, due to these changes and communication issues, HR managers are not fully aware of which shift their employees are supposed to work, leading to unfair scheduling.

Effect on employees

What about the impact on your employees? An employee could look at their schedule for the month and feel content and satisfied. However, throughout the week, schedulers could create frequent shift changes that might cause the employee to feel frustrated and lost. That’s why it is important that as a HR manager or scheduler, you need to maintain positive employee morale and transparency. Employees should be well informed about their schedules to keep them motivated.

Seeing that scheduling can be such a daunting task, at Bayzat, we’re leading a more positive experience for both employers and employees. Shift Scheduler is now available on Bayzat Benefits, a cloud-based scheduling platform designed to make your life easier by easily managing work schedules.

As an HR manager, you can now oversee and create flexible work schedules, make better and informed decisions on shift changes based on attendance, and group employees into different work centers with multiple options. Employees can also view and log their attendance based on their schedules each day and be notified when schedulers make any changes.

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