Feeling under the weather? Here’s how you can request sick leave from work

Requesting Sick leave from work

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When your immunity fails you and you are unable to be productive, here are the rules for applying for sick leave at work.

As much as we try to remain fit and keep healthy, at some point or another, we all fall sick. Rather than dragging yourself out of the bed and disdainfully reaching work, it is better to take sick leave and remain within the safe confines of your home. This will prevent you from enhancing your sickness and, also prevent the chances of germs spreading in the office causing an office-wide epidemic. Here is what the law in the UAE states about taking sick leaves:

Number of days and salary entitlement

All employees in the UAE have the right to take a sick leave from work amounting to 90 days per year. Employees are not entitled to sick leaves during the first three months of probation. This is only applicable once an employee completes three months of service at an organization. The 90 days of sick leave can be continuous as well as intermittent.

The salary that will be given to the employee during these 90 days are as follows:

  • First 15 days: Full Pay
  • Next 30 days: Half Pay
  • Next 45 days: Unpaid

Employers must be notified

As an employee, you must notify your employee about your sickness within a maximum of two days. The employer has the right to ask for a medical certificate to justify the legitimacy as to why the employee has applied for the sick leave.

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Ineligibility of a paid sick leave according to MOL

An employee is ineligible to apply and take a paid sick leave due to the following reasons:

  • If the illness is a direct result of the worker’s misconduct.
  • If it is the employees first three months of the probation period.
  • If the employee works for another employer during the sick leave. If the employer establishes that the employee has worked for another employer during the leave, the employer has the right to terminate the employee’s services without notice.

Resigning during sick leave

The employee is permitted to resign before the first 45 days of his/her sick leave, if the medical practitioner appointed by the employer deems fit to do so. In this case, the employee is entitled to the appropriate remuneration that is due for the remainder of the 45 days as well.

Terminating employees during sick leave

According to the UAE labour law, an employer cannot terminate an employee on the grounds of being sick during the sick leave. But, if the employee exhausts all 90 days of the sick leave and is still unable to make it to work, the employer has the right to terminate the services of the employee.