Five steps to improve your payroll process

For most HR/Finance professionals in the UAE, payroll processing can mean only one thing…endless hours tied up in excel sheets, working overtime and triple-checking your work to make sure there are no unwanted errors. If your employees don’t get paid the right amount or even on time, you may struggle to keep them around and keep your business on track. In short – payroll processing is something that you have to get right!

But, you don’t have to pull your hair out in agony while processing your payroll anymore!

Here are five quick steps you can take to improve your payroll process:

Adopt the paperless method

A lot of companies rely on archaic methods to process payroll, involving a lot of documents and bills which utilizes a lot of paper. You can save a lot of time by eliminating paper and directly depositing salaries into employee accounts. This will also help in contributing to the welfare of our precious planet. Ditch the paper, make the earth greener and process your payroll faster.

Streamline and integrate your HR duties

Wouldn’t it be much easier to perform all your administrative tasks on one single platform? This can be very beneficial in saving you time and increasing your productivity. By implementing an HR software, you can handle all your administrative tasks such as payroll, overlooking employee records, recording your employee leaves, and managing your company health insurance policy all in one location. This is exactly why Bayzat Benefits has helped over 1000 companies in the UAE, as it automates all of their HR administrative duties and streamlines it onto a single platform.

Free Payroll Processing Software

Minimizing pay cycles

A lot of companies pay their employees at different pay cycles to accommodate different circumstances. Some employees are paid at the end of the month while part-time employees might be paid at the end of the week. Although this might be necessary at times, this method is prone to errors when carried out manually. Having one pay schedule will lessen the chances of making any errors and increase the efficiency of your payroll process.

Involve your employees

It’s always a better practice to include your employees in the payroll process. This will not only save you time from constantly updating your employees at the end of each month, but it also empowers your employees as well. This will help your organization have a transparent policy that is essential in educating your employees about payroll procedures.

Stay informed about the rules and regulations

Read up on the rules and regulations stated by the ministry of labour and check for any updates and changes. This is vital towards maintaining an efficient payroll process. This will help you in complying with the law so you avoid making any unwanted errors and in some cases paying a heavy fine. You can click here to access the official portal of the UAE government to keep yourself up to date or you can also visit our Bayzat SME Hub to have any questions you might have answered by industry experts!

All the points mentioned above are steps you can take to create an efficient and accurate payroll system. Having an organized and streamlined process will always help to better the way you process payroll and reduce the weight of the workload on your shoulders.