How Bayzat Benefits has helped technology companies retain employees

One of the most common problems facing technology companies today is employee retention. The tech industry has the highest employee turnover rate at 13.2% compared to other business sectors. Considering that it takes on average  51 days to fill vacancies in IT roles a primary focus for the HR Department should be on minimizing employee turnover.


Having helped 100’s of SMEs streamline and automate their HR processes over the last few years, we have noticed a common trend amongst tech companies in the UAE. Most small to medium-sized companies have one or two HR professionals who are often overworked and rely on paper-based, error-prone and archaic methods to manage HR administration, payroll, and benefits.


Utilizing a platform to help with HR automation is a crucial step in improving employee retention. With a proper system in place that takes care of mundane administrative tasks, HR professionals can focus on more important aspects of the job role such as recruitment, employee engagement and building the right company culture.


Research shows that over 70% of SMEs are not currently using HR software to help alleviate solvable pain points. The following are the predominant reasons for not utilizing software:

  1. Lack of awareness
  2. Budget constraints
  3. Concerns about platform integration & adoption


The reality is that the majority of available HR solutions come armed with monthly payments that are bug ridden with limited functionality and not localized for the UAE landscape. Compound this with practically zero customer support and the hesitancy to begin using a platform is understandable.


Based on our own research and talking to countless HR manages working within SMEs we built Bayzat Benefits to be a localized platform that successfully addresses the core pain points pertaining to HR administration, payroll and benefits. Bayzat also has a dedicated Customer Success Department to ensure that effective training and company-wide adoption takes place. Our data shows that over 93% of companies successfully integrate Bayzat Benefits throughout their organization in under 30 days from platform configuration.  


Companies working within the Technology industry have greatly benefited from using our platform. For example, Geeks, an on-demand and automated IT support provider in the region understood the importance of automated HR solutions. They started using an HR platform based outside the UAE and found the user interface difficult to grasp. This led them to make the switch to Bayzat Benefits. We assigned them a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure their experience on the platform was smooth and seamless.


Ironically, even companies working within the Technology industry rely on off-line methods to manage HR processes that can easily be automated. Eurotech ME was one such tech company. Before using Bayzat Benefits, they relied on MS Excel to manage employee leave requests and cycles.Without having a consolidated record of accounts there were major disputes between HR and employees pertaining to remaining vacation days. The Bayzat Benefits Time Off module enabled Eurotech ME to automate leave management processes and provided complete transparency regarding leave balances for both the employer and employee.


On our journey to make a world class customer experience accessible to every SME we have come across common challenges faced by SMEs in addition to industry specific obstacles and Bayzat Benefits has solved for the majority of these pain points. Don’t take it from us, here is Trukkr, one of Bayzat’s oldest customers, talking about the impact that Bayzat Benefits has had in automating their HR administration, payroll & benefits!