Best SaaS Companies in Dubai

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UAE’s software as a service (SaaS) market reached USD5.49 billion in 2022 (AED20.17 billion). The region’s recent push for digitalisation has been driving much of the growth. The growing investment has given rise to many SaaS companies. Here are ten of the best SaaS companies in Dubai. 

Top 10 SaaS Companies in Dubai

1. Bayzat

Bayzat provides insurance, payroll and HR solutions to businesses. The software could help customers with payroll processing and employee performance management. Its SaaS products use automation, cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence to deliver results. 

Over 1,000 companies in the UAE use Bayzat’s software. The software can scale so its customer base is not tied to a single industry. The list of clients includes Deliveroo and DMCC.

The Dubai-based SaaS company has grown over 100% annually over the past three years. Bayzat’s total funding has reached over USD53 million (AED194 million). The company aims to use the funds to increase its user base. 

2. Beehive

Peer-to-peer lending is slowly gaining ground as a popular alternative to traditional lending. Dubai’s Beehive is one such operator. 

Beehive’s SaaS platform processes finance requests. The software connects investors to creditworthy businesses. The software works by allowing the following:

  • Enterprises to apply for credit.
  • Investors browse for funding projects.
  • Funding requests to go through.

What separates Beehive from other P2P lenders is its adherence to Islamic banking values. Beehive is the first platform in MENA to have regulatory DFSA approval. All finance requests can be processed as ‘Sharia Compliant’. The process takes place through DMCC-operated ‘DMCC Tradeflow’ Commodity Murabaha platform. 

3. Dukkantek

Dukkantek offers a cloud-based store management platform to local and traditional merchants. The company aims to help traditional merchants compete in the digital world. 

The SaaS product functionalities include:

  • Cloud POS
  • Inventory Management
  • Ecommerce Platform
  • Payment Options

Dukkantek has a companion app to make access to data easier. The app allows shop owners to manage inventory, process payments and review sales.

The platform has grown rapidly. Within 18 months, Dukkantek’s products reached seven markets, including Germany and Oman. The Dubai SaaS company recently joined forces with Retailhub. The two will integrate their respective solutions to drive online sales integrations. The companies claim their services could boost SME revenue by 30%.

4. GrubTech

The food delivery business in the UAE has climbed to nearly 50% market penetration. GrubTech is a Dubai-based innovator in the field. 

The company has provided an end-to-end SaaS platform for restaurants and cloud kitchens since 2019. The software can help:

  • Integrate online orders.
  • Dispatch orders.
  • Provide pickup options for customers. 

GrubTech currently operates in 19 countries around the world. The platform has processed over 8 million orders. The company says it reached a 300% yearly growth recently.

5. Keepface

Keepface operates in the growing industry of influencers. The SaaS-enabled marketplace provider started in 2017. Since then, they have served over half a million influencers worldwide. 

The service offers influencers the option to:

  • Gain analytics insights.
  • Outreach to brands.
  • Create automated marketing campaigns.

The company has worked with big brands like Oral-B, Lays and Pepsi. The Pepsi Nowruz campaign created over 400,000 impressions. It reached a total audience of over 700,000 people. Keepface’s total funding has reached USD3.5 million (AED12 million). 

6. Kitopi

Kitopi started as a managed cloud kitchen platform in 2018. At the start, it took care of the end-to-end operations. The company delivered food directly to consumers from its ‘ghost kitchens’. After the pandemic, they’ve also invested in actual outlets. 

But the company is also known for its SaaS platform. The Dubai-based company offers its in-house suite of applications called Smart Kitchen Operating System or ‘SKOS’. The system comprises around 40 applications. These applications are used to:

  • Sell food to customers.
  • Manage orders, payments and deliveries.
  • Optimise kitchen usage, including stock.
  • Determine further product development.

Kitopi uses AI, data science and robotics in its kitchen and the software. 

7. Klaim

Klaim is one of the many InsureTech SaaS companies in Dubai. The company has attracted around AED29 million in funding to date. KPMG gave the company the Private Enterprise Tech Innovator in the UAE award. 

The software offers medical claim management and financing platform solutions. Customers can make reimbursement claims with the software. Klaim says reimbursement can typically take up to 113 days. Out of all claims, around 15% get denied. So far, the platform has accelerated over 150,000 individual claims. Its total payments amount to AED60 million.

Klaim works with over 40 healthcare providers in the UAE. These include operators like LifeWorks and Valiant. 

8. Lyve

One of the oldest SaaS companies on our list is Abu Dhabi headquartered Lyve. The company offers an ecosystem of all-in-one B2B SaaS solutions. The software can:

  • Process customer orders
  • Help with payment management
  • Organise product and service deliveries

Clients can use it to analyse order processing and delivery times. In recent years, Lyve has expanded its product category. Its acquisition of Jeebly in 2022 widened the platform’s reach in the last-mile delivery category.

9. Menaflow

Menaflow started in 2022. The company was one of the first automated marketing platforms for SMBs in the MENA region. 

The SaaS platform can automate many marketing functions. The software can create more efficient campaigns, increase customer engagement and tailor campaigns to users. The platform works with e-commerce sites such as Shopify, and ExpandCart. 

Menaflow’s SaaS platform is free to try. You can access the whole platform instead of a demo version by signing up. 

10. TeachMeNow

Another older SaaS company that earns its place on the list is the Dubai-based TeachMeNow. The company has operated in the ever-expanding EduTech sector since 2013. 

The platform is a one-stop teaching solution for learners of all ages. TeachMeNow doesn’t limit itself to a specific skill. Educators can use it for teaching languages or job-specific skills. Its past clients include big corporations like Windows.

TeachMeNow currently has millions of students signed up to learn.

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