The digital transformation of employee attendance tracking

Employee Attendance Tracking System

Last Updated on September 8, 2022 by user

Employee attendance tracking is about to get a whole lot easier.  

Tracking employee attendance is a complex task. HR teams working at SMEs -especially in industries where shift work is the norm- usually spend an average of 3 days a month interacting with at least one other department, to collect and audit attendance reports. That is a significant portion of time and a process that is prone to error. 

This manual and time-consuming way of working can often lead to discrepancies in attendance tracking, and in certain circumstances, violations of systems that aren’t flawless. For an SME, this means the likelihood of increased expenses and a decrease in employee output. 

A seamless employee attendance tracker helps create transparency and trust between employers and employees. Particularly for SMEs, it is important to have clarity into employee attendance, so that you know where you stand and employees have the peace of mind that their pay will be accurate. 

That’s why we have launched Attendance Management System, an additional automation feature offered by Bayzat. 

Time Attendance System uses geo-technology to set boundaries, defined by you, by which employees can check-in and check-out of via their Bayzat Benefits app on their mobile phones. By making this a mobile experience, it is quick and simple for employees to update their attendance when they come to and from the workplace. What’s more, you can access real-time attendance reports through the app so that you have a clear picture of your workforce at any time on any given day. 

In an age where digitization of processes for businesses is an expectation, it is more important than ever to have an employee attendance management software in place. 

To learn more about attendance management systems for employees and the HR automation solutions offered by Bayzat, contact us today for a free demo.