What the Dubai Health Insurance Law Means for Your Family

What exactly does Dubai’s health insurance law mean for your family? By 2016, every resident of the emirate must have health insurance coverage, but you might have to pay the cost.

Last Updated on July 3, 2014 by Brian Habibi

What exactly does Dubai’s health insurance law mean for your family? By 2016, every resident of the emirate must have health insurance coverage; this will be verified by authorities during the residency visa renewal process. The roll-out of the first phase began this year, whereby large companies were required to start providing insurance coverage for their employees. This has created quite a bit of confusion among Dubai’s residents; we look at some of the important points revealed so far by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regarding its health insurance law.


Do employers have to provide health insurance for an employee’s family?

An employer is required to provide health insurance to their employees only, and not their dependents. This means that many residents will be required to buy health insurance for their wives and children, as a large percentage of companies will choose not to do so. While this may seem unfair, one reason authorities chose not to mandate companies to provide family cover was a fear that married residents would be discriminated against during the hiring process compared to single residents.

What is the cheapest health insurance option?

Thus far, a basic package with a premium of AED 500-700 has been finalized; however, this is only for employees who earn less than AED 4,000 per month, and is meant for companies. Family members or non-employed dependents are not eligible for this basic health package. However, a health insurance product for family members is being created with the most basic plan costing less than AED 1,000.

Can everyone get health insurance?

Insurance companies will not be able to deny anyone health insurance, no matter what their age or preexisting conditions. However, no guidance has been provided as to the health insurance premium in such cases.

How will the new law effect health insurance prices?

The DHA has stated it will regulate health insurance prices more closely moving forward. In addition, health insurance policies will also be regulated, and will have to meet the guidelines set by the authorities.

With the implementation of this new law, it has become very important to compare the different health insurance options in Dubai accurately. While previously there was a lack of transparency in the market, bayzat now allows you to compare plans based on the price, benefits and hospital network.

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