Working smarter during Ramadan in COVID-19 times

Working smarter during Ramadan in COVID19 times-

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In the midst of the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the holy month of Ramadan has begun. And for a time where we come together to give, reflect, and share special nights with our loved ones, this year’s Ramadan will not be the same. 

While everyone adapts to the social distancing changes and circumstances that follow all around UAE, it is unlikely that most people will be going out for their taraweeh prayers at the mosque or iftar family gatherings. But despite all the restrictions to stay safe, people are adjusting to a different routines to keep their Ramadan traditions intact, planning activities ahead of time and staying connected with family during iftars at home through video calls.

One thing that remains the same, however, is the change in working hours for everyone throughout the day, which happens every year during Ramadan. With most people fasting from any food or drink during daylight, working hours for businesses have been reduced by two hours every working day for the month. But without any food or water and even lack of sleep during this time, your energy levels are bound to go down, especially while facing COVID-19 and staying at home the last couple of weeks. 

Working smarter from home during Ramadan 

Although working from home provides an ease for those who fast, even if you’re working a few hours during the day, it is still a challenge to keep a sharp focus, especially while waiting for iftar time. So what can you do to overcome this challenge?  

We wanted to share with you some of the best tips you should consider to make the best out of your working day while fasting: 

  • Plan and stick to your daily schedule

It is a challenge to keep your mind focused throughout the day when you haven’t drank or eaten for a while, especially with many distractions while you’re at home. By creating a daily schedule, you can keep track of your high priority tasks and what requires the most energy and time. This makes it easier for you to stay focused and finish your day earlier. 

  • Productive mornings

The best thing about working from home is that you can take virtual meetings and calls in the best comfort. So it’s smart to schedule your meetings and tasks for the morning, when your mind and body is most focused and energized. 

  • Taking breaks is important

Just because you’re working for less hours during the day, doesn’t mean you should skip your break to get things done faster. Working from home can add more pressure and stress. It’s crucial to take short breaks in between to keep your mind positive and build a better work rhythm to help you stay productive. 

  • Keep yourself energized

Whether it’s a short nap in the afternoon, completing a work out before sleeping, or constantly washing your face to keep you awake, adding a daily activity that boosts your energy helps keep your productivity and metabolism levels high throughout the day. 

In times of COVID-19, staying productive during Ramadan this year is key to maintain a better work life and ensure work continuity.

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