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Sharika Harbhajun,
HR Manager

Bayzat is the work life platform that takes your business to the next level. Through automation and digital technology, we have been helping companies like yours turn what’s needed into what’s possible. We sat down with Sharika Harbhajun, HR Manager of Two Oceans LLC, to chat about how Bayzat helped Two Oceans experience greater success while making better employee experiences.

Setting the scene

Two Oceans LLC, also known as Candy Hearts, is an importer/exporter, distributor, wholesaler, and retailer of candy. With 31 retail outlets all across UAE, Two Oceans LLC has rapidly grown due to high quality of services, products, and customer satisfaction. Prior to using Bayzat, the team was rapidly expanding and they were finding it very difficult to manage employee records manually. It was becoming more apparent that managing HR admin, such as tracking of leaves, expired documents, renewals, and payroll processing, was an everyday challenge.

Two Oceans Success Story with Bayzat to save HRmanagement Time

“Staff documents were filed in the main office, so if any employee required any of their documents, we needed to take the time to email and at times first scan these documents before sending it across” Sharika mentions. In terms of processing payroll, Sharika found it was a very time-consuming task to manage every month. “If there was an inquiry regarding a payslip for a specific employee in a particular month, it needed to be retrieved and searched for manually.”

In addition to HR admin, Sharika was finding it challenging to keep employees informed of their health insurance policy and benefits. “Employees were either unaware of their health insurance benefits or had lost the information which was sent via email. Staff often didn’t use their email or forget their passwords which meant they had to create a new account without us being aware of this.”

Key Issues

  • Keeping track of expired visa documents and renewals.
  • Giving access to documents employees required.
  • Logging and managing vacation or sick leave through excel.
  • Employees being unaware of their health insurance benefits due to loss of email information.
  • Time-consuming payroll process each month.
  • Payslips administered in hardcopy and filed for reference, but no access to the soft copy for employees.
  • Approving and managing employee loans effectively.

Making work better

After using Bayzat, Sharika was able to focus more on her people while saving time on time-consuming admin tasks. Their staff were able to access all their employee documents in a single place and she was able to plan for renewals ahead of schedule while receiving regular reminders of expiries. Besides managing employee records, tracking and approving of leaves requests became much easier. All of their employee leave requests are now successfully sent for approval to the respected managers and tracked seamlessly and correctly through the Bayzat app.

Additionally, Sharika has the ability to process payroll every month with a click of a button, and managed to reduce time spent on payroll from 12 hours to 1 hour each month. Two Oceans employees are now able to request for loans easily through the Bayzat app, and it is automatically deducted from their salary after management approval.

With support as and when they need it, employees are also able to easily access and use their health insurance. “After implementing the Bayzat app, all 63 employees are able to access their insurance benefits and search for hospitals and clinics within the policy network through any smart device. Plus, they can book doctor appointments and submit and track their reimbursements directly through the app”

insights from using bayzat
Employee Timeoff and vacations management from Bayzat
  • 34 leaves processed so far
  • 80.2% leaves were for vacation
  • 17.6% were sick leaves
  • March was the most common month for sick leave
Payroll from Bayzat will make Payroll management easier
  • 12 Successful Payruns
  • 115 Reimbursements requests processed

Opening up new possibilities

“Ever since we started using Bayzat, we have saved hours typically spent on manual admin! The app is super user-friendly and the support provided by the Bayzat customer success team is tremendous. I am now able to close our pay runs quickly and we are able to generate payslips each month efficiently which is a great feature! Giving the employees 24-hour access through their mobile phone to data that we would have only provided on request, has given us the freedom to focus our efforts on other aspects of the job.”

Payroll from Bayzat for HR and Payroll Services
The bottom line
I would recommend Bayzat to anyone who wants to streamline their HR processes and alleviate the troubles that come with manual administrative work.
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