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Bayzat Benefits™

Simple HR tools to automate your admin work.

We make it easy to manage your employee records and medical insurance so you can spend your time and money on the important things.

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Over 50% of an HR department’s time is spent on processing employee information and answering questions about company benefits.

Our customers trust us to automate their HR processes for over 5,000 employees by using Bayzat Benefits™ for employee records and health insurance benefits.

Hands-free data entry

Data entry is the most tedious part of most HR software. With Bayzat Benefits™ it’s effortless – drag & drop employee documents, and watch it extract all the relevant employee data and securely store it!

Get rid of that Excel file

Transfer your existing employee records from Excel to Bayzat Benefits™ in a few clicks.

Easy email invites

Ask your employees to upload their own data. We’ll make sure that they don’t forget.

Accurate employee data management

You no longer need to worry about managing your employees' records. With Bayzat Benefits™ you can easily add and remove employees, update their files and send them notifications when their documents expire.

Bayzat Benefits™ for company health insurance

Health Insurance

All your employees can access their profiles and health insurance benefits in one simple app. Take control of your company’s insurance claim rate.

Network Map & Benefits

Employees can search for anything from the closest hospital in your network to covered specialist treatment.

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We're changing the way companies and employees think about medical insurance

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