Al Sagr National Insurance Co - FlexiSilver- Option 2

Al Sagr National Insurance Co
Available in dubai
Yearly Cover
AED 150,000.00
20% co-pay or AED 50 per OP consultation, whichever is lower; 15% co-pay for OP treatment in Zulekha Hospital
South East Asia, Middle East & North Africa
Chronic Conditions
Up to AED 150,000 (with pre-existing conditions); Covered after 6 month waiting period for new members & members without continuity of coverage for newly discovered chronic conditions
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Covered in Full
Hospital Accomodation
Semi-Private Room up to AED 450 per day
Hospital Cash Benefit
Up to AED 200 per day
Parent Accomodation
Up to AED 200 per day


Covered up to age of 6 years on reimbursement basis
Up to 7 sessions per condition for OP treatment
Health Checks
Preventive services for diabetic screening covered once in 3 years from age 30 & for high risk individuals once a year from age 18; Preventive services for papanicolaou covered once in 3 years for married females
Psychiatric Treatment
Covered up AED 10,000; 20% co-insurance on out-patient treatment; covered only on reimbursement basis
Alternative Medicine
Covered up AED 2,500 for homeopathy and ayurveda; 20% co-insurance on out-patient treatment; covered only on reimbursement basis
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
67 Hospitals
796 Clinics
54 Laboratories
1559 Pharmacies
38 Dentals
91 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Not Covered
Treatment Outside Network
80% of elective treatment cost covered subject to network rates on reimbursement basis
Pregnancy Cover
Up to AED 7,000 for normal (AED 10,000 for medically essential C-section & complications) with 10% co-pay; Covered after 9 month waiting period for non-working married females without continuity of coverage who are confirmed pregnant after time of enrollment
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered for 30 days from birth; life threatening birth defects covered up to AED 150,000
Natal Complications
Dental Coverage
Not Covered
Accidental Damage to Teeth
Covered in Full