Bupa (OIC) - Elite Health Plan - Nil co-insurance

Bupa (OIC)
Yearly Cover
AED 18,717,000.00
Nil Co-insurance; sub-limit of AED 249,560 for all out-patient benefits combined
Chronic Conditions
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Covered in Full
Hospital Accomodation
Standard Private Room; pre-authorization required for stays more than 5 days; Up to AED 62 per day for personal expenses on reimbursement basis only in the UAE
Hospital Cash Benefit
Not Covered
Parent Accomodation
Covered; pre-authorization required for stays more than 5 days


Covered in full for newborns from age 31 days and for children up to age of 6 years & up to AED 6,239 thereafter; covers vaccinations for national childhood immunisation programme, HPV & influenza vaccination, travel vaccinations, anti-malarial medicines & pneumococcal vaccinations
Covered for out-patient treatment up to a maximum of 60 consultations (in aggregate with osteopaths, chiropractors, footcare specialists, occupational therapist, orthoptist, acupuncturists & reflexologists); covered in full for in-patient treatment
Health Checks
Health screening & Wellness (routine health check tests, screening tests for breast, cervical, prostate, colorectal cancer or bone densitometry) covered up to AED 6,239 on reimbursement basis only in the UAE, with a waiting period of 10 months; Diabetes screening covered once every year from age 18
Psychiatric Treatment
Covered in case of medical emergency for out-patient treatment; in-patient treatment covered on reimbursement basis only in the UAE & with pre-authorization for stays of 5 days and above
Alternative Medicine
Covered for osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, reflexologists with maximum 60 consultations in aggregate with physiotherapists, footcare specialists, occupational therapists & orthoptists; Maximum 20 consultations with homeopaths, naturopaths & Chinese medicine practitioners
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
141 Hospitals
1154 Clinics
62 Laboratories
1679 Pharmacies
77 Dentals
97 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Not Covered
Treatment Outside Network
Covered on reimbursement basis
Pregnancy Cover
Up to AED 62,000 for normal delivery and AED 124,780 for medically essential C-section; 10 month waiting period outside the UAE; pre-authorization required for out-patient treatment in Dubai
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered for 30 days from birth
Natal Complications
Covered with pre-authorization; 10 month waiting period outside the UAE
Dental Coverage
Preventive (includes 2 visits every year), routine & major restorative dental covered in full, with waiting period of 6 months for all dental treatments; Orthodontics covered up to the age of 19, on reimbursement basis only in the UAE, with waiting period of 12 months; Combined limit of up to AED 15,414 for all out-patient dental, hearing aids & optical benefits
Accidental Damage to Teeth
Covered in full for in-patient treatment; Up to AED 15,414 (combined limit for all out-patient dental, hearing aids & optical benefit) for out-patient treatment, if treated within 3 days