National Life & General Insurance (NLGI) - Eazy Health Silver with 2k dental and optical

National Life & General Insurance (NLGI)
Yearly Cover
AED 150,000.00
20% co-pay with a maximum of AED 50 per OP consultation; 10% on out-patient prescriptions
Worldwide ex-North America
Chronic Conditions
Covered; up to AED 30,000 (with pre-existing conditions) for new members for first 6 months and up to AED 150,000 thereafter
Pre-Existing Conditions
Not Covered


Ambulance Coverage
Hospital Accomodation
Semi-private Room
Hospital Cash Benefit
Up to AED 350 per night for a max of 60 days
Parent Accomodation
Up to AED 250 per day


Covered for children up to age of 6 years as per MOH
Covered up to 10 out-patient sessions with 10% co-pay; pre-authorization required
Covered with 10% co-pay on out-patient treatment
Health Checks
Diabetes screening as per DHA
Psychiatric Treatment
Not Covered
Alternative Medicine
Not Covered
Prescription Drugs
Not Covered
Network Coverage
74 Hospitals
742 Clinics
75 Laboratories
1742 Pharmacies
24 Dentals
16 Optics
Treatment Outside Area of Cover
Not Covered
Treatment Outside Network
80% of the reasonable & customary costs of the medical network on reimbursement basis
Pregnancy Cover
Up to AED 10,000 for normal delivery and up to AED 15,000 for medically necessary C-section & complications; up to AED 150,000 in case of an emergency; covered 100% for out-patient treatment; covered with 10% co-pay; preauthorization required for in-patient treatment
Newborn Baby Cover
Covered for 30 days from birth
Natal Complications
Up to AED 15,000 (combined limit with medically necessary C-section) with 10% co-pay
Dental Coverage
Up to AED 2,000 with 20% co-pay
Accidental Damage to Teeth