Oman Insurance Company Health Insurance

Oman Insurance Company

Oman Insurance offers a range of health insurance options in UAE. You can find Oman Insurance cover for individual insurance and groups. Oman medical insurance is available in UAE. The insurer has over 45 years of experience and it’s among the leading health insurance providers in Dubai. The Oman health insurance offers innovative online solutions guaranteeing that making claims is efficient and fast. The insurer puts customer satisfaction at the heart of everything it does.

Aside from high-quality group health insurance in Dubai, you can also find a range of Oman individual insurance options. If you are starting a family, then check out the maternity insurance in Dubai available from Oman Insurance. Oman health insurance is a participating insurer in the DHA scheme and you can find a range of coverage solutions from basic health insurance cover to comprehensive plans. Oman Insurance also offers car insurance. You can find a range of products from the insurer to take away the stress of finding the right cover for your varying needs.

Oman Insurance has won many accolades over the year and the insurer has plenty of positive customer feedback. In 2020, the MENAIR 2020 awards gave the insurer the ‘Overall Insurer of the Year’ award.

Oman Insurance Company Insurance Plans

20% co-pay for some in-patient treatments up to a maximum of AED 500 (annual cap of AED 1,000); 20% co-pay on out-patient treatment & 30% on prescriptions
Yearly Cover
AED 150,000.00
Dental Cover
Maternity Cover
Covered 100% for out-patient maternity (8 visits to PHC, 3 ultra scans); up to AED 7,000 per normal delivery & AED 10,000 for C-section, abortion & complicated pregnancy with pre-authorization; 10% co-pay