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Is the price right?

Are you all set to choose a health insurance policy for your employees but don’t know how much you should be spending? There is no one right answer. It depends on several factors:

The number of insurance categories required for your company
Number of dependents
Age of employees

The average spend on health insurance in the UAE by company size

AED spend on health insurance by UAE companie

Priceless Health Benefits

While it is not mandatory to offer dental or dermatology as part of a company's health insurance policy, it could prove to be a valuable benefit to your employees based on our data trends.

The 5 most popular pay & claim requests
5 most popular pay & claim requests chart
legend for 5 most popular pay & claim requests chart
Top 5 consultants booked
Top 5 consultants booked chart

Insure your employees loved ones

Why insure your employees' dependents?

Loved one with employees
Recruiting tool

Your organization looks more attractive to potential candidates when they are offered insurance for their dependents.

Happier employees

Employees place a higher value and feel more loyal to employers that provide comprehensive health benefits for their families.

Here to stay

The chance of employee retention is much higher.

of companies insure dependents.

What’s happening with Insurtech now and in the future?

Tarek Bayaa, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Bayzat shares his perspectives on insurtech, the future of insurance and how Bayzat plans to venture beyond insurance in the UAE. Look out for his insightful prediction at the end!

Category Split depiction

Insurance-category split

Organizations may assign their employees to different categories of insurance based on their salary band or seniority. Some businesses opt for a separate category for mid to top level management and onsite workers. Each category has its own distinct set of covered facilities and insurance benefits. For example, different categories may entail the inclusion or exclusion of dental or optical coverage, and may have different co-payments.

The average number of insurance categories by company size
Number of insurance categories by company size
Claim rejection image

Education to avoid claim rejection

The reason most insurance claims get rejected is because the user is not educated accurately about their insurance policy. Being unaware about the inclusions and coverage is equivalent to being rejected. Tip: Choose a partner that can help communicate policy benefits to employees via an accessible app.

Top 5 reasons why a claim gets rejected
Top 5 reasons why a claim gets rejected chart
legend for Top 5 reasons why a claim gets rejected chart
Policy cost depiction

Stick to your policy

Insurance claims are reimbursed fully when employees use their insurance within their network as per the policy. Employees that stay within their insurance network save time and money not only for themselves but also for their organization as well.

Claim reiumbersement outcome per claim type
Claim reiumbersement chart

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