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Bayzat is the work life platform that takes your business to the next level. By solving problems and streamlining processes, we have been helping companies like yours turn what’s needed into what’s possible. We sat down with Sheina Aguilar, HR Specialist at Abbrevia, to tell us how Bayzat helped their company experience greater success while making better employee experiences.

Setting the scene

Established in 2005 as an ATM simulation provider, Abbrevia have expanded to become an international provider of test and certification platform to banks, third-party processors and payment networks. They have a team of 19 working out of their offices in Dubai. With a growing team, Abbrevia began to face difficulties in tracking time off. Further to this, it was challenging to help employees understand their health insurance policy, and fielding requests was taking up significant time.

Human Resources Management experience with Bayzat Platform to enhance the employees salaries management

Key Issues

  • Offline leave management
  • Health insurance access and usage

Making work better

Like many SMEs in the region, time off was being managed manually at Abbrevia. With Bayzat, a seamless automated leave management system was put into place. Vacation days, sick leaves or any other time off requests that employees apply for through the platform are now sent automatically to designated approvers for validation. No longer is Abbrevia dealing with paper-based forms or countless emails being sent pertaining to leave requests.

Through Bayzat, Abbrevia employees now have access to the Bayzat App, one of the most popular features amongst Abbrevia employees. The app makes it easier than ever to access, navigate & learn about your health insurance policy in a matter of seconds. Over 80% of Abbrevia employees have used the app to view important policy information such as which hospitals & clinics are in their network. Using Bayzat’s unique search function employees have found relevant policy information pertaining to 20+ various symptoms.

With Bayzat, Sadia describes how it improved their employees financial wellbeing and empowered their team to efficiently manage their finances. “Our users now have the ability to submit reimbursement claims, easily change or manage existing payroll, and add a myriad of additions and deductions without compromising accuracy or time”

insights from using bayzat
Human Resources Management statistics with Bayzat Platform
  • 179 leaves processed so far
  • July was the most common month for sick leaves
  • 89.4% of vacation leaves were accepted
  • 83% of Abbrevia employees used their mobile phone to access their health insurance
Human Resources Management success story with Bayzat Platform
The bottom line
With Bayzat, managing time off requests, approvals and related documentation has never been easier, it’s time-saving and made my work a lot simpler not to mention it has a user-friendly application. Bayzat, thank you!
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