Better Medical Coverage Starts With Technology

Bayzat recently launched a cloud-based platform that helps individuals, families and corporate employees understand their existing health insurance benefits. Bayzat’s technology helps reduce the time required to navigate your medical benefits through an intuitive interface. It’s simple, yet powerful!

A recent study by the Arabian Healthcare Group found that the phased implementation of compulsory medical insurance in Dubai is translating into an increase in per capita usage within the emirate.

Companies between 100 and 1,000 employees are required to insure their employees by July 2015. With all Dubai residents requiring insurance by June 2016, some estimates predict total medical insurance premiums to increase between 25 to 40 percent.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has also defined standard coverage benefits across medical insurance policies within the emirate. In some cases, this has resulted in higher costs to insurers and is driving an increase in premiums for non-mandatory medical insurance policies. While these changes are beneficial for Dubai residents as medical benefits have become more comprehensive, many companies are experiencing a more complex onboarding process for HR teams coupled with higher health insurance costs.

Bayzat’s enterprise software addresses these emerging challenges. Our technology platform is compatible with any insurance policy and doesn’t require installation. Our cloud-based solution makes life easier for employees and HR teams through multiple features:

Hospital & Clinics map

Now it is easy for your employees to stay within the insurer’s network. While a company’s existing hospital network might be in paper format or excel, Bayzat’s map functionality shows all of a providers’ medical facilities anytime, anywhere. By making it easy for employees to stay within the direct billing network, both employees and the company can save money.

Search functionality

Bayzat’s search technology makes flipping through PDFs and booklets a thing of the past.  For employees, finding a treatment or benefit for is as simple as logging into their account and searching for it.

Policy benefits view

The platform shows users all their relevant terms & conditions, while explaining their coverage using simple terminology. All this can be done on the go since Bayzat’s platform is mobile friendly!

While the technology is revolutionary, pricing for our platform is reasonable (click here for more information). Since launching in mid-April, there are already approximately 1,000 employees on Bayzat’s enterprise platform. A variety of firms across different industries have subscribed to the service with great reviews and engagement thus far.

The Bayzat technology team is already in the process of rolling out the next generation of features to continue simplifying insurance for its customers. When it comes to technology, our goal is to use simple and intuitive design to make employees’ lives easier.

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