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Things to Consider When Selecting Your Company Insurance Plan

For an entrepreneur, running a business is difficult and filled with challenges. Every day of work is eventful and filled with tasks that require attention. As such, it’s very easy to forget the fundamentals behind what makes a company thrive, which is the employees.  A company focused on providing...
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Tips For UAE Business Owners When Designing Health Packages

Designing a health insurance package is time-consuming and for companies who are new to the insurance game, it can get complicated. In the past, health insurance was provided to key employees as an added benefit. However, since the introduction of mandatory health insurance a few years ago, the sector...
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How to bag the best health insurance policy for your employees in the UAE

Choosing the right health insurance policy for your organization can be quite nerve-wracking. Below are some quick tips to help you through the process. One of the most important factors in determining employee satisfaction in the workplace is the medical insurance benefits provided to the employees and their families....
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